MLA Bibliography of Joel Chandler Harris and Related Works

TITLE: Will the Authentic 'Hare' Please Stand Up: An Analysis of Joel Chandler
Harris' Uncle Remus Tales; Selected Proc. of the 3rd Annual Conf. on Minority
Studies, Apr. 1975. Vol. 4
AUTHOR: Howell,-Marcella
Source: 23-30 IN Carter-George-E.; Parker-James-R. Afro-American Folklore: A Unique
American Experience. La Crosse : Inst. for Minority Studies, Univ of
Wisconsin-La Crosse, 1977. 51 pp.
AMER. BOOK #: 80110953

TITLE: Uncle Remus: Mere Buffoon or Admirable Man of Stature?
AUTHOR: Brestensky,-Dennis-F.
Source: West-Virginia-University-Philological-Papers, Morgantown, WV 1975, 22,
5 1-58
AMER. BOOK #: 75109138

TITLE: Uncle Remus Was a Hausaman?
AUTHOR: Muffett,-David-J.-M.
Source: Southern-Folklore-Quarterly, Gainesville, FL 1975, 39, 151-66
AMER. BOOK #: 75214478

TITLE: The Shadow at the Cabin Door: Implications of Reality in Joel Chandler Harris's Tales of
Uncle Remus
AUTHOR: Lea,-James-W.
SOURCE: Dissertation-Abstracts-International, Ann Arbor, MI 1974
460A-61A(N.C., Chapel Hill)
AMER. BOOK #: 74109735

TITLE: The Cousins of Uncle Remus
AUTHOR: Okpewho,-Isidore
Source: 15-27 IN Sollors-Werner (ed.); Diedrich-Maria (ed.). The Black Columbiad:
Defining Moments in African American Literature and Culture. Cambridge, MA :
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AMER. BOOK #: 94063008

TITLE: Sanskrit and American Humor: Parallels and Influences in the Animal Fable
AUTHOR: Bisgaard,-Daniel-J.
Source: Comparative-Literature-Studies, University Park, PA (CLS). 1991, 28:3,
AMER BOOK #:94050234

TITLE: Joel Chandler Harris' Tales of Uncle Remus: For Mixed Audiences
AUTHOR: Keenan,-Hugh
Source: 118-27 IN Nodelman-Perry (ed.); Usrey-Malcolmfwd.). Touchstones:
Reflections on the Best in ChiIdren's Literature: Fairy Tales, Fables, Myths,
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AMER. BOOK #: 92071574

TITLE: Dark Dialects: Scientific and Literary Realism in Joel Chandler Harris's
Uncle Remus Series
AUTHOR: Birnbaum,-Mihele
Source: New-Orleans-Review, New Orleans, LA (NOR). 1991 Spring 18:1, 36-45
AMER. BOOK #: 92062189

TITLE: Br'er Rabbit Redux
AUTHOR: Manna,-Anthony-L.
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Feet of the Past: Retelling the North American Folktale for Children. Westport, CT : Greenwood, 1992.
xiii; 239 pp.
AMER. BOOK #: 92043012

TITLE: Remus Redux, or French Classicism on the Old Plantation: La Fontaine and J.C. Harris
AUTHOR: Humphries,-Jefferson
Source: 170-185 IN Humphries-Jefferson (ed.). Southern Literature and Literary
Theory. Athens : U of Georgia P, 1990. xviii, 375 pp.
AMER. BOOK #: 90021826

TITLE: The Talespinner's Mind
AUTHOR: Jones,-Malcolm
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TITLE: The Storyteller's Voice: Reflections on the Rewriting of Uncle Remus
AUTHOR: Lester,-Julius
Source: 69-73 IN Otten-Charlotte-F. (ed.); Schmidt-Gary-D. (ed.). The Voice of the Narrator in Children's
Literature: Insights from Writers and Critics. New York : Greenwood, 1989. xviii, 414 pp.
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TITLE: Brer Rabbit's Angolan Cousin: Politics and the Adaptation of Folk Material
AUTHOR: Chang,-Linda-S.
Source: Folklore-Forum, Bloomington, IN (FForum). 1986, 19:1, 36-50>
AMER. BOOK #: 88081086

TITLE: The Early Days of the Uncle Remus Memorial Association

AUTHOR: Kelly,-Karen-M.
Source: Atlanta-Hist.-Jour. 1986-1987 Fall-Winter, 30:3-4, 113-127
AMER. BOOK #: 88022916

TITLE: Joel Chandler Harris and American Folklore
AUTHOR: Montenyohl,-Eric-L.
Source: Atlanta-Hist.-Jour. 1986-1987 Fall-Winter, 30:3-4, 79-88
AMER. BOOK #: 88022913

TITLE: The Origins of Uncle Remus
AUTHOR: Montenyohl,-Eric-L.
Source: Folklore-Forum, Bloomington, IN (Forum). 1986 Spring, 18:2, 136-167
AMER. BOOK #: 87080539

TITLE: The Sad Fate of Mr. Fox in the Cow's Belly: Stability
an Afro-American Folktale
AUTHOR: Kruger-Kahloula,-Angelika; Bremond,-Claude (comment)
Calame-Griaule,-Genevieve (comment)
Source: Cahiers-de-Litt.-Orale 1984, 14, 97-124
NT: Fr. sum.; commentary, 193-199
AMER. BOOK #: 85005166

TITLE: Where are Uncle Remus and John Henry
AUTHOR: Fishwick,-Marshall-W.
Source: Journal-of-Regional-Cultures, Bowling Green, OH (JRC). 1981 Fall-Winter,
1:2, 117-122
AMER. BOOK #: 84040326

TITLE: Twisted Tales: Propaganda in the Tar-Baby Stories AUTHOR: Keenan,-Huqh-T. Source: The-Southern-Quarterly:-A-Journal-of-the-Arts-in-the-South, Hattiesburg, MS (50Q). 1984 Winter, 22:2, 54-69 AMER. BOOK #: 84024199

TITLE: Wlen the Animals Talked - A Hundred Years of Uncle Remus AUTHOR: Mikkelsen,-Nina Source: Children's-Literature-Association-Quarterly, Battle Creek, MI (CLAQ). 1983 Spring, 8:1, 3-5, 31 AMER. BOOK #: 83079537

TITLE: The Ancient Lineage of Beatrix Potter's Mr. Tod AUTHOR: Anderson,-Celia-Catlett Source: 84-90 IN Ord-Priscilla-A. (ed.). Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Conference of the Children's Literature Association, Baylor University, March, 1980. (New RocheIle) : (Dept. cd Eng., Iona Coll.), 1982. iii, 174 pp. AMER. BOOK #: 82071240

TITLE: Uncle Remus: Puttin' on Ole Massa's Son AUTHOR: Hedin,-Raymond Source: Southern-Literary-Journal, Chapel Hill, NC (SLJ). 1982 Fall, 15:1, 83-90 AMER. BOOK #: 82023043

TITLE: Moon Splits Hare's Lip (Nose): An African Myth in the United States AUTHOR: Bascom,-William Source: Research-in-African-Literatures Bloomington, IN (RAL). 1981 Fall, 12:3, 338-349 AMER. BOOK #: 81092122

TITLE: Joel Chandler Harris: An 'Accldental' Folklorist
AUTHOR: Baer,-Florence-E.
Source: 185-195 IN Bickley-R.-Bruce-Jr. ied.). Critical Essays on Joel Chandler
Harris. Boston : Hall, 1981. xxiv, 240 pp.
AMER. BOOK #: 81010237

TITLE: Sources and Analogues of the Uncle Remus Tales
AUTHOR: Baer,-Florence-E.
Source: Helsinki : Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, 1980. 180 pp.2
AMER. BOOK #: 81003616

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