Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games

Since the early 1990's, the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) has held a notable influence on the park's development and plans for the future. Hosting the archery, cycling, and tennis competitions gives the park international attention and leaves behind a world- class tennis venue.

ACOG first expressed interest in the Park in the early 1990's. Initial plans called for Stone Mountain to be the Olympic Park, hosting many venues. In addition to the ones which eventually were constructed, the rowing venue and others were planned for the park as well. After further consideration, however, Park officials concluded that the Park's natural habitats and traffic patterns could not sustain the large crowds that the competitions would bring in. With such information in hand, ACOG went back to the drawing board to determine the place of the Park in Atlanta's overall effort. They decided, with counsel from officials of the park, to scale back their use of the park to the eventual three competitions.

The effect of Stone Mountain Park's olympic involvement will be felt for years. The park will now be able to host major professional and amateur tennis tournaments and will draw an international tourist pool.

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