Federal Government

Ironically, the entire nation supported the Stone Mountian Memorial Association's efforts to create a memorial to the men who fought for the Confederate States of America. Even the federal government, the same government that had spent over 300, 000 lives to crush the Confederacy sixty years before, joined in the effort to honor the soldiers of the South. Two Presidents, Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge, issued statements publicly supporting the carving. Coolidge put federal money behind his statement, signing the Stone Mountain Memorial Coinage Act in 1924. The Act provided for the minting of 5 million Confederate Half Dollars, which, when sold, would earn the Memorial Association up to 2.5 million dollars.

When the Georgia State Government took over the project in the 1950s, federal support for the project was almost nonexistant. The White House's reaction to the dedication of the carving in 1970 typified the government's more removed role. Richard Nixon refused to attend the ceremony, sending scandal-ridden Vice President Spiro Agnew instead.

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