The Undefeated

by Gerald W. Johnson
New York: Minton, Balch & Company, 1927.

This book chronicles Gutzon Borglum's involvement in the carving of the Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial. The author attempts to explain Borglum's vision for the project and the circumstances surrounding his dismissal in ways that are favorable to the carver. It offers a thorough history of the first of three attempts to place a Confederate Memorial Carving on the side of Stone Mountain and offers support to the assertion that the initial goal of the carving was to glorify and honor the those who fought for the Confederate cause, without regard to financial gain.
Chapter One Borglum's initial contacts with the mountain and the UDC.
Chapter Two Initial problems faced by the sculptor.
Chapter Three Beginnings of the carving.
Chapter Four Engineer Tucker begins the massive job of removing granite.
Chapter Five Figuring out how to project the image onto the side of the cliff.
Chapter Six Roughing out the granite and the completion of Lee's head.
Chapter Seven Limited acount Borglum's personal expenditures.
Chapter Eight Efforts at fund-raising.
Chapter Nine The Story of the Troubles Between Sculptor and Association.
Chapter Ten An account of the artistry of Borglum.
Chapter Eleven Borglum's Dream vs. Borglum's Reality.
Chapter Twelve Robert E. Lee and the Monument.
Chapter Thirteen Stonewall Jackson.
Chapter Fourteen Jefferson Davis.

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