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Activism and Politics

Arabic News 
ArabicNews offers a daily dose of news on Arabic issues from countries around the world. 

Arab Online Media Directory 
A comprehensive list of newspapers and journals from nineteen countries, including the United States. Topics include critical issues for Arab Americans. 

Arab American Action Network
Based in Chicago this non-profit organization provides Arab Americans with news from the Middle East as well as providing a network for Arab American families.


Arab Internet Dictionary 
The most comprehensive Arabic link sites I've found, offers easy access a diverse range of subjects. 

Culture and History

Arab Ambassador 
A monthly magazine on Arab culture, women, business, and history. 

Arab Heritage 
This site presents basic historical and cultural information from the art of henna to the religion of Islam in an easy-to-use format. 

Professional and Commercial Organizations

Arab World Business Directory 
AWBD offers internatioanl job sources, business connections, and links. 

Arab Business Directory Online 
Possibly the most comprehensive online business resource, ABDOL provides a directory of, and quick access to, many businesses operated by or of interest to Arab Americans. 

Non-Profit Organizations and Virtual Communities

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee 

An Arab-American Online Community Center, CafeArabica details resources which address Arab-American organizations, people/culture, politics, collegiate issues, and much more. One interesting page is the Action Alert which monitors Arab American stereotypes in contemporary film and t.v. 

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