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The Yellow Pages -- Asian-American 

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Activism, Legal Issues, and Politics

Asian American Studies Center
AASC provides research, archives, and journals about political issues.


HFJ: The Asian Collection

World Cultures Internet Resources
WCIR has a good selection of general resources including an archive of fine arts, sites on the human languages, and the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.


Asian American Studies Resources
UC--Irvine's collection of resources.

Asian American Resources
The granddaddy jumpsite for Asian American Internet info, including a fairly comprehensive set of web pages for both individuals and organizations. A good "start here" site for anyone looking for Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander info.

Asian American Resources
This is a comprehensive list of Asian American URLs; includes student organizations, magazines, educational resources, cultural and social material, and much more.


The Hmong Home Page
A collection of resources relating to Hmong and Southeast Asian history, culture, language, and current events. Includes media contacts, information on travel and study in Southeast Asia, and some nice photo archives.


Anagram Literary Journal
A publication out of Johns Hopkins University, Anagram Literary Journal is "dedicated to issues, instances, and circumstances of Asian American culture." This site, in a visually sophisticated frames version, archives past issues with interesting articles.

The Asian American Writer's Workshop
AAWW is a New York-based non-profit site dedicated to the creation, publication and distribution of Asian American literature by forming a national network of writers, readers, editors, and publishers.

NLA Asian Collections
Hosted from the National Library of Australia, this site details the Library's holdings in various Asian subjects such as language and regional collections. While it is interesting to survey the Library's 500,000+ holdings (and useful in terms of compiling a rudimentary bibliography), the site also provides "Coinciding Resources" which may prove helpful to the researcher.

South Asian American Literature
Created by the student Manish Vij, this cozy site informally reviews South Asian American Literature. A good site for anyone interested in, but not knowledgeable about, South Asian American Literature.

Asian American Literature
This site provides an overall introduction to Asian American literature through the exploration of the major accomplishments of Asian American writers.

Asian American Literature A Online Research Guide
This reference guide provides a list of journals, web sites and texts relevant to the study of Asian American literature.

Non-profit Organizations and Virtual Communities

Asian American Exchange
Although this is an organization designed to promote interaction between Asian Americans in Chicago, there is lots here for general Asian American reference. This is also a good model for establishing a virtual community center.

Asian American Network

National Japanese American Historical Society
The NJAHs was established in 1980 and includes projects, services, publications, and related links for Japanese American interested in tracing their heritage.

Organization of Chinese Americans
Founded in 1973, the OCA is a non-profit organization "dedicated to securing the rights of Chinese Americans and Asian American citizens and permanent residents through legislative and policy inititaves at all levels of the government."

Professional and Commercial Organizations

Asia, Inc.
Asia's premier business magazine with goodies for the fiscally minded.

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