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The Yellow Pages -- Philosophy 

The Social Science Information Gateway
Excellent links to etexts, educational materials, bibliographies, journals, and philosophical societies.

Philosophy in Cyberspace
Many useful links to philosophy and philosophers on the web.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
An exhaustive list of what's on the web.

Philosophy with Rich Gray
A plethora of information on everything from "Ancient Philosophers" to "Woman and Philosophy" and "Humor in Philosophy." Try to ignore the commericals.

Philosopher's Gallery
Portraits of your favorite philosophers.

The History of Philosophy of Science
World Congress of Philosophy: Important Links
Internet Philosophy Society
Philosophy Society
Scholarly Societies Project List of Philosophical Scholarly Societies
Skeptics SocietyWeb
Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
Society for Social Studies of Science
Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP)
American Association of Philosophy Teachers
American Philosophical Association
International Association of Women Philosophers
Philosophy of Science Association
The Scottish Postgraduate Philosophy Association
The Philosophy Foundation

International Gramsci Society Newsletter
Philosophy of Science Association Newsletter

The Aberdeen Centre for Philosophy Technology and Society
Center for Philosophy of Science
Centre for Philosophical Studies
John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values
Philosophy Documentation Center
Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science

The Online Journal of Ethics
Explores both theoretical and applied ethical issues involved in the practice of business and the professions.

The Journal of Postmodern Culture
Recent scholarship on Postmodern Studies; includes archives of previous issues.

Women and Philosophy
New site by scholars at the University of Notre Dame.

Yahoo list of individual philosophers
Soren Kierkegaard - "International Kierkegaard Information"
Martin Heidegger - "Ereignis"
Davie Hume - "The Hume Archives"

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber)
Björn's Guide to Philosophy
Routledge's Guide to Philosophy Resources on the Internet
On-Line Information About Journals in Philosophy and Related Disciplines
Yahoo Guide to Philosophical Institutes
Yahoo Guide to Philosophy
Guide to the Study of Philosophy
DynaWeb's Philosophy Aide

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Canadian Journal of Philosophy
Journal for General Philosophy of Science

Philosophy News Service | updated daily
Lingua Franca
Giacobazzi's Philosophy Links
Philosophy Around the Web
Philosophy Links
Philosophy Meta-Links
Episteme Links
Philosophy Related Resources on the Internet
Philosophy Resources on the Network
Philosophy Sites on the Internet
The Source
Philosophy Sources on the Internet
Useful Philosophy Resources
Virtual Library Guide to Philosophy
Cultural Theory
The Window: Philosophy On The Internet
WWW Philosophy Sites
WWW Resources in Philosophy
Miscellaneous philosophy sites
PHICYBER: the Electronic Agora

History of science web pages
History of European Ideas
History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
Overview of Russian Philosophy
The Gallery of Russian Thinkers
Foundations of Science
History of Political Thought
Philosophy in the Contemporary World
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Science as Culture
Philosophers, scientists and the unity of science

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Philosophy Now
History of Philosophy Quarterly
Society for Philosophy and Technology Quarterly
American Philosophical Quarterly

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June 20, 2002