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The Yellow Pages -- Women's Studies 

General Sources | History | Women's Issues | Literature | Media | Minority | Repro/Health | Business | Film, Music, & Radio | Sports | Academic Programs

Womens Studies Research Guide
Invaluable guide to reference information in Womens Studies, courtesy of the New York Public Library

Women's Studies Database
An excellent database maintained by the University of Maryland

National Women's History Project

Women Come to the Front
Photos, articles, and manuscripts of women in the media during WWII.

Biography of Women
On line biographies of famous women. International in scope.

Women Nobel Prize Winners

Godey's Lady's Book
On-line contents and index of one of the major women's periodicals

International Women's Concerns
Information provided by the U.S. State Department detailing worldwide women's issues.

Women's Issues and Social Empowerment
On line database that provides information about domestic violence, women's health and feminist issues.

Literary Resources--Feminism and Women's Literature

Brown University Women Writers Project
On line text for female authors writing before 1830.

WATER's Women's Media Watch
Media news that relates to women and reviews of news coverage.

Women of Color Resource Center
Text of newsletters, information on speakers bureau.

Index to Chicana Research Published

Poetry, literature, and art by Iranian women.

South Asian Women
Book reviews, cinema reviews, news, articles

(for more minority women's resources, please also see the "Ethnic" section of the Yellow Pages)

National Abortion Federation
Fact sheets, statistics on abortion, clinic violence, and news releases. NAF is an organization for abortion practitioners.

Pope John Paul II: Letter to Women
On line text of the Pope's letter.

Statistics on Domestic Violence
Statistics on indicence, punishments; information from the National Clearinghouse for Defense of Battered Women.

Department of Labor Women's Bureau
Searchable index of workforce statistics

Directory of Women's Professional Organizations

Glass Ceiling
Searchable index of statistics and cases.

Women in Technology International
On line articles

Women's Issues and Gender Differences in Science and Engineering
Includes articles pertaining to women in the science and engineering industry.

Center for American Women and Politics
Publications on women candidates, former female officeholders, and female voter turnout.

Women and Music
Index of female performers. Includes biographies.

Womens Studies in Music
Archive of syllabi from different university programs.

Female Composers
Catalogue of female composers.

Women in Film
Bibliographies, biographies, and filmographies.

Women in Radio
On line reference of the most influential women in radio, journal articles, and information about corporate mentoring.

96 Years of Women in the Olympics

Women's Sports Foundation

Women's National Basketball Association

Women's Pro Softball League

Women's United Soccer Association

Gender Equity in Sports
Informaton about Title IX, lawsuits, and the NCAA.

Women's Studies Programs, Departments, and Research Centers
A Listing of Programs

Scholarly Societies
An index of scholarly societies for women.

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June 20, 2002