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E-Texts of Fiction and Poetry


Presently, a variety of different organizations, ranging from large publishing houses to universities, maintain on-line libraries. Combined, they contain untold thousands of works of American fiction (as well as literature from other fields of study). On the downside, people might spend hours or even days trying to find a particular e-text if they have to access each site individually. In order to help alleviate this problem, the website provides a brief list of the major e-text search engines which allow users to access many of the major on-line archives simultaneously. In addition, this section of the "Yellow Pages" provides information concerning some on-line collections of American fiction that will appeal to scholars in specialized fields of study.

Large, On-line Compendiums of E-text Sites:

Digital Book Index

Digital Book Index is connected to a number of the largest on-line archives, thereby allowing its users to access over 80,000 e-texts by noted American and foreign writers. People can search for a particular work by author, title, subject, publisher, or Dewey Decimal number. On a less positive note, only around 48,000 of these texts are provided free of charge.

The Online Books Page

Maintained by the University of Pennsylvania. The site is connected to a number of on-line libraries, which provides users with access to over twenty thousand e-texts covering a number of fields of study. Users can conduct searches by author, title, and subject.

Other Important E-text Sites:

American Hypertexts Collection

Maintained by the University of Virginia. This site containes a number of seminal, American works by fiction as well as non-fiction writers. More importantly, many of the e-texts contain links to secondary sources which provide expository information on that particular piece of fiction.


Like other on-line libraries, Bartleby contains a large collection of literature and poetry that can be accessed via the Web. However, unlike most of the other sites, users can search for specific words or phrases within specific e-texts.

Documenting the American South

Maintained by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A repository of Southern literature.

Electronic Text Center

Maintained by the University of Virginia. In addition to its other resources, the on-line archive possesses a large collection of American poetry.


Maintained by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Center for the Public Domain. Ibiblio contains biographical information on a number of American authors, especially minorities. In addition, the site provides access to many of other sites dealing with American literature.

Library Electronic Text Resource Service

Maintained by Indiana University. The site contains a fairly sizeable database of 18th and 19th century American poems, especially African American poetry.

Project Gutenberg

Maintained by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Center for the Public Domain. The site contains a significant number of e-texts, mostly classics, which can be downloaded for off-line viewing. In addition, users can take part in the website's ongoing digitization project.

The Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text and Image

Maintained by the University of Pennsylvania, the site contains e-texts of the school's rare books and manuscripts.

E-texts of Non-fiction


Many people would not classify non-fiction as literature, and perhaps that is the case for some of these works. However, newspapers and magazines that are written for the general public are different. The atuhors of these articles, however much they may rely on factual information, perform the same acts as fiction writers--they tell stories. Dailies, weeklies, and monthlies are cornucopias of literature which contain a variety of different story formats--from front page news stories to editorials. This website offers access to some of the portals that connect to a large number of these publications. This section of the "Yellow Pages" also lists some particular sites which may be of special interst both to scholars and to laypeople.

Large, On-line Portals:

Journalism Net

Users can access thousands of newspapers, which have on-line sites, by typing in the publication's name, city, and country of origin.

Kidon Media Link

This site contains links to thousands of American magazines and newspapers.

Public Pioneer

Maintained by the State of Utah. Allows users to access Utah newspapers which provide on-line access (of varying levels).

The Voice of the Shuttle

Maintained by the University of California, Santa Barbara. Contains links to a number of magazine and newspaper archives.

Important Magazine and Newspaper Sites:


HarpWeek contains e-text copies of all editions of Harper's Weekly that were published between 1857 and 1912. The website requires a fee for use; individuals who wish to view this archive may want to contact their local public or university library to see if that institution has a subscription to this site.

The Historical New York Times Project

This free, public access site is still under construction. At the moment, users can view e-text copies of all New York Times issues published between 1860-1867 and 1900-1907. allows uers to access over 7,000,0000 e-text copies of newspaper pages dating from the early 1700s. The site is fee based, but charges less than $5.00 for a one day pass. In addition, three of the newspapers in its archive are free to the public.

Scientific American Digital

This fee based site provides allows access to e-texts of all Scientific American issues published since 1993. As with Harpweek, people may be able to view this archive via their local university or public libraries.

This site allows users to access some of the most recent articles published by the Washington Post for free. However, individuals will need to pay a fee to view the newspaper's archives, which date back to 1877.

On-line Journals


A number of groups have created on-line archives, which contain e-texts of the back issues of hundreds of scholarly journals, including ones whose focus is on American literature. In addition, some journals have created on-line publications to try to reach a larger audience. With this information in mind, the "Metasites" section will provide a link to three of the largest such portals/on-line repositories. The "On-line Journals Section" will list a few of the scholarly, e-publications which might be of interest to specialists.



Infotrac contains a large number of scholarly articles in its on-line archive. This site is a fee based service which can only be accessed by its members. Many public and university libraries have subscriptions to this webservice.


JSTOR allows its users to access e-text copies (both recent and archived) of 48 journals dealing with topics in "literature and language." As with Infotrac, this site is fee based, but a large number of public accesss libraries as well as some high schools subscribe to this webservice.

Project Muse

Maintained by Johns Hopkins University. This fee based site is similar to JSTOR.

On-line Journals:

Chicago Review

Maintained by the University of Chicago. This e-publication contains original fiction and poetry submissions as well as scholarly articles in the field of American and foreign literature

Michigan Quarterly Review Archive

Maintained by the University of Michigan at Anne Arbor. This free, on-line archive contains every issue of the Michigan Quarterly Review--a literary journal published by the University of Michigan--dating to 1962. Users may utilize a variety of different methods to search for articles on their particular topic of interest.

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January 12, 2004