These Are Our Lives
Life histories of families all over the country as recorded by the Federal Writers Project.

An American Exodus
A textual and photographic documentation of the mass migrations of the 1930's caused by changes in agricultural labor.

Exiles Return
Malcolm Cowley's 1930s exploration of post-war literature, its move to Europe, and eventual return.

12 Million Black Voices
Part sermon, part visual history, this collaboration presented a voice of an otherwise silenced and disenfranchised minority.

Let Us Now Praise Famous
James Agee and Walker Evans sought to factually represent the business of cotton tenantry and the lives it affected.

Men At Work
Though Lewis Hine was mainly known for documentaries that uncovered American social ills, Hine's Men At Work instead celebrated the working man.

12 Million Black Voices Let Us Now Praise Famous Men These Are Our Lives An American Exodus Exiles Return Men At Work