My academic interests are myriad. Here are some web projects I am working on:

Web Projects
The Apotheosis of George Washington: Brumidi's Fresco and Beyond

Red, Black, and White in 1830s America

Romancing the Indian: Sentimentalizing and Demonizing in Cooper and Twain

The American Frontier as Liminal: Romancing the Virtual Indian (This project is temporarily put on hold)

Dedication Materials and Background for two Rotunda Paintings

Scanned chapters from Tocqueville's Democracy in America at the University of Virginia:

I am also working on the "Ethnic" section of the American Studies' Yellow Pages. Please take a look at this evolving list of ethnic resources and let me know if you have any suggestions.

Summaries of American Studies Articles:

Summary of Gene Wise's article *Paradigm Dramas In American Studies..*

Summary of David Levin's article *How Uniform Were the Old American Studies?*

Summary of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese's article *Between Individualism and Fragmentation*

Summaries for the week of 9/23

Summary of Ben Franklin's Autobiography

Scanned and Tagged Articles

Henry Nash Smith's "Can American Studies Develop a Method?"

From William Carlos Williams "In the American Grain," "The May-Pole at Merry Mount"and "Voyage of the Mayflower"

Umberto Eco article, "Travels in Hyperreality"