James Buchanan

Senator from Pennsylvania
Minister to Russia under Andrew Jackson
Secretary of State under James K. Polk
Minister to Court of St. James under Franklin Pierce
President of the United States, 1856-60

"we must have Cuba; we can't do without Cuba . . ."
--J. B. Moore, ed. 
The Works of James Buchanan. VIII. 360-361

" . . . there is no citizen of the United States more anxious
than myself for the accomplishment of this object in a fair and 
honorable manner."

--Letter to Pierre Soule.  
London, September 26, 1854.  Buchanan Papers.

James M. Mason

Senator from Virginia
Minister to France under Franklin Pierce

"whenever the hour comes, when in good faith, and with due
 regard to national honor, we can incorporate Cuba as one of
these United States, it will be done, and Europe may find it 
best to hold its peace."

--Senate debate on tripartite negotiations. 
Congressional Globe. 32:2, 139.

Pierre Soule

Senator from Louisiana
Minister to Spain under Franklin Pierce

"Why talk you of marauders [speaking of Lopez's invasion
of Cuba]?  Lafayette and Kosciusko were just such marauders.
The one has his picture hung up in the other House of this our 
National Legislature, and the other his impress wherever beats
an American heart!  What are the late conquests of England in
Eastern India, of the French in Africa, but marauding upon a 
large scale?  What has been the course of Britain within the last 
century, on the coast of Central America, but a continuous 
marauding?  . . .  Why should Senators show themselves so 
supremely frastidious about marauding, when they admit 
themselves, while speaking of the vexed acquisition [of Cuba],
that they but await for the ripening of the fruit?  Will the plucking 
of it when ripe be less 'marauding' than the plucking of it 
while still green?"

--Senate debate on the tripartite negotiations.  
Congressional Globe.  32:2, 338-9.

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