The Oregon Trail

Table of Contents

I. The Frontier

II. Breaking the Ice

III. Fort Leavenworth

IV. "Jumping Off"

V. The "Big Blue"

VI. The Platte and the Desert

VII. The Buffalo

VIII. Taking French Leave

IX. Scenes at Fort Laramie

X. the War-parties

XI. Scenes at the Camp

XII. Ill-luck

XIII. Hunting Indians

XIV. The Ogillallah Village

XV. The Hunting Camp

XVI. The Trappers

XVII. The Black Hills

XVIII. The Mountain Hunt

XIX. Passage of the Mountains

XX. The Lonely Journey

XXI. The Pueblo and Bent's Fort

XXII. Tete Rouge, the Volunteer

XXIII. Indian Alarms

XIV. The Chase

XV. The Buffalo Camp

XVI. Down the Arkansas

XVII. The Settlements

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