Muraena maculata, nigra & viridis: The Muray.

The Structure of this Fish resembles that of our common Eel: The lris of the Eye white; two fleshy Barbell hang from the Nostrils; a Finn with an even white Ridge begins behind the Head and extends the whole Length of the Back. The whole Body is covered with a light gray Skin, sprinkled with inumerable black Spots. One Kind of this Fish is green and spotted same manner with black, perhaps of different Sex only. However, the Inhabitants of the Bahama-Isles will eat only the green Sort, rejecting those which are black as thinking them poisonous. It is customary and frequent for these Fish as they lye lurk ing among the hollow Rocks and Corals, to bite Peoples legs that are exposed to them, tho' their Bite is of no other ill Consequence than fetching Blood.

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