Anthea quartus Rondeletii Forte etiam Orpheus veterum: The Mutton Fish.

The Size of these Fish is various, some being smaller and others much larger then the Figure. The upper Part of the Head is of a dusky Black; The under Part and Gills are shaded variously with Purple and Red; The upper Part of the Back of a dark reddish Brown, the Red brightning gradually to the Belly, which is white faintly stained with Red; The Irides of the Eyes of a bright Red; The Mouth somewhat wide, each Mandible having a single Row of very small sharp Teeth: It had five Fins, a long spiney One on it's Back like that of a Pearch, of an Umber Colour, two behind the Gills, one under the Abdomen, and another near the Tail; The Tail broad, forked and red: as are all the Fins, except That on the Back; The Shape of this Fish in general resembles That of a Pearch; For the Excellency of it's Tast it is in greater Esteem than any other at the Bahama Islands.

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