Solea Lunata Et Punctata: The Sole.

This Fish was about ten Inches long, and five in Breadth, of an oval Figure; to what Bigness they arrive at I know not, this being the only one of the kind I have seen; the Eyes are both placed on one Side, as in others of the Sole kind: From the Nose along the whole Length of the Back, almost to the Tail, runs a stiff prickly Fin, a small Fin grows under the Throat, and where this ends, begins such another Fin as that on the Back which extends along the Belly almost to the Tail: The Tail is in Form of a Rhombus or Lozenge; The Body of the Fish brown, sprinkled over with Figures of an oval Form, being like semi-circles with their Ends pointing to one another, or like Circles divided in the middle, of a bright blue colour; whether they are eatable I know not, nor could I be informed, they being very rarely caught.

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