Anguis Annulatus: The Chain-Snake.

This Serpent was of the Size of the Figure; it was the only one of the Kind I ever saw, nor was it known to any of the Inhabitants I shew'd it to; therefore as it wanted a Name, the best I could think of was, that of Chain-Snake, from some Resemblance of a Chain that seems in many Places to environ the Body, tho' these Marks extend but half Way round; the Belly being marked, as the Piece cut off represents: The Colour of this Snake was of a dark dusky Blue, except the Chain-like Marks of the Back, which were yellow, as were likewise some square Spots on the Belly: The angular Form of its Lips were singular. It seemed not to be of the Viper Kind.

Frutex Lauri longiore folio.

This Shrub is a Native of Virginia, and grows in wet Swamps and standing Waters; it rises from the Ground with many Stems to the Height of eight or ten Feet, of a reddish Colour. The Leaves are placed alternately an Inch from one another, and are in Shape like those of a Bay, stiff and shining; at the Pedicles of the Leaves grow the Flowers, which are tubulous, of a pale red Colour, and set on Stalks two and three Inches long; these Flowers are succeeded by small conic Seed-Vessels about the Size of large Peas, which when ripe open in two Parts, and display many small black Seeds. It retains the Leaves all the Winter.

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