Anona fructu lutescente laevi, scrotum Arietis referente.

The Trunks of these Trees are seldom bigger than the Small of a Man's Leg, and are about ten or twelve Feet high, having a smooth greenish brown Bark. In March when the Leaves begin to sprout, its Blossoms appear, consisting each of six greenish white Petals, The Fruit grows in Clusters of three, and sometimes four together; they are at first green, and when ripe yellow, covered with a thin smooth Skin, which contains a yellow Pulp, of a sweet luscious Taste; in the Middle of which lye in two Rows, twelve Seeds divided by so many thin Membranes. All Parts of the Tree have a rank, if not a foetid Smell; nor is the Fruit relished but by very few, except Negro's. These Trees grow usually in low shady Swamps, and in a verv fat Soil.

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