we heard repeated Reports of Guns in the Woods, not far from us, by which we concluded that the Cherikees were come up with the Chigasaws, and that they were firing at each other: Nor were we undeceived, 'till the next Morning, when we were informed, that our Indians discharg'd their Guns for joy that they were alive, and had escaped their Enemies. But had they then known of a greater Escape, they would have had more Reason to rejoice; for the next Morning some Men of the Garison found hid in a close Cane-Swamp two large Canoas painted red: This discovered the bloody Attempt the Cherikees had been upon when we met them, who, with Sixty Men in these Canoas, came down the River between two and three hundred Miles, to cut off the little Town of the Chigasaws; but from some little Incident being disheartened, and not daring to proceed, were returning back by Land when we met them. And so great was their Dread of us, and our few Chigasaws, that fearing we should follow them, they run precipitately home, leaving some of their Guns and Baggage behind them, which some time after were found and taken up by our Chigasaws, when they went for their Packs they had hid. It is the Custom of Indians, when they go on there bloody Designs, to colour the Paddles of their Canoas, and sometimes the Canoa, red. No People can set a higher esteem on themselves, than those who pretend to excel in martial Deeds, yet their Principles of Honour, and what they deem glorious, would in other Parts of the World be esteem'd most base and dishonorable: They never face their Enemies in open Field (which they say is great Folly in the English) but sculk from one Covert to another in the most cowardly Manner; yet their Confidence in, and the Opinion they have of the Prowess of white Men is such, that a Party of them being led on by a European or two, have been frequently known to behave with great Bravery.

Their savage Nature appears in nothing more than their Barbarity to their Captives, whom they murder gradually with the most exquisite Tortures they can invent. At these diabolical Ceremonies attend often both Sexes, old and young, all of them with great Glee and Merriment assisting to torture the unhappy Wretch, till his Death finishes their Diversion. However timorous these Savages behave in Battle, they are quite otherwise when they know they must die, shewing then an uncommon Fortitude and Resolution, and in the Height of their Misery will sing, dance, revile, and despise their Tormentors till their Strength and Spirits fail.

A warlike crafty Indian, call'd Brims (who had been an enterprising Enemy to the English, as well a to a Nation of Indians in Alliance with them) was taken Prisoner, and deliver'd up to the English, who, for Reasons more political than humane, return'd him back again to the put to Death by the Indians that took him. He was soon inviron'd by a numerous Circle of his Tormentors, preparing for him the cruelest Torments. Brims, in this miserable State and Crisis of his Destiny, addresses himself to the Multitude, not with Complaisance and Humility, but with the utmost Haughtiness and Arrogance, reviling and despising them for their ignorance in not knowing how to torture, telling them that if they would loosen him (for they could not think it possible for him unarmed to escape from such a Multitude) he would, shew them in what Manner he would torture them were they in his Power. He then demanded the Barrel of an old Gun, one End of which he put into the Fire; while every Body were attentive to know his Design, he suddenly snatches up the red hot Barrel, furiously brandishing it about, breaks through the astonished Multitude who surrounded him, run to the Bank of the River, from which he leap'd down above 100 Feet, and swam over, enter'd a Thicket of Canes, and made his Escape. He afterwards made Peace with the English, and liv'd many Years after with Reputation in his own Country.

Indians healthful.

The Indians have healthful Constitutions, and are little acquainted with those Diseases which are incident to Europeans, as Gout, Dropsies, Stone, Asthma, Phthisick, Calentures, Paraletic, Appoplexies, Small-pox, Measels, &c. altho' some of them arrive to a great Age, yet in general they are not a long lived People, which in some Measure may be imputed to their great Negligence of their Health by Drunkenness, Heats and Colds, irregular Diet and Lodging, and infinite other Disorders and Hardships (that would kill an European) which they daily use.

Their little Knowledge of Physick and Surgery.

To this happy Constitution of Body is owing their little Use of Physics, and their superficial Knowledge therein, is proportionable. No Malady is taken in Hand without an Exorcism to effect the Cure: By such necromantick Delusions, especially if the Patient recovers, these crafty Doctors, or Conjurors (which are both in one) raise their own Credit insinuating the lnfluence they have with the good Spirit to expurge the evil one out of the Body of the Patient, which was the only

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