Beasts of which the Same are in the Old World.

The Bear. The House rat.
White Bear. Musk-rat.
Wolf. House-mouse.
Wheasal. Field-mouse.
Beaver. Mole.
Otter. Seale.
Water-rat. Morse.

Beasts that were not in America, 'till they were introduced there from Europe.

The Horse. The Goat.
Asse. Hog.
Cow. Dog.
Sheep. Cat.

The Panther.

The Panther at its full Growth is three Feet high, of a redish Colour, like that of a Lyon, without the Spots of a Leopard, or the Stripes of a Tyger, the Tail is very long. They prey on Deer, Hogs, and Cattle; the Deer they catch by Surprise, and sometimes hunt them down. They very rarely attack a Man, but fly from him: Tho' this fierce and formidable Creature is an overmatch for the largest Dog; yet the smaller Cur, in Company with his Master, will make him take a Tree, which they will climb to the Top of with the greatest Agility. The Hunter takes this Opportunity to shoot him, tho' with no small Danger to himself, if not killed out right; for descending furiously from the Tree, he attacks the first in this Way, either Man or Dog, which seldom escape alive. Their Flesh is white, well tasted, and is much esteemed by the Indians and white People.

CATUS Americanus.
The Wild Cat.

This Beast is about three times the Size of a common Cat: It is of a redish grey Colour, the Tail is three Inches and a half long: It much resembles a common Cat, but has a fierce and more savage Aspect: They climb Trees, and prey on all Animals they are able overcome; and tho' by their Smallness they are unable to take Deer in the Manner that Panthers do by running them down, yet lying snug on the low Limbs of Trees, they leap suddenly on the Backs of the Deer as they are feeding, fixing so fast with their Claws, and sucking them, that the Deer by Vehement running being spent becomes a Victim to the Wild Cat.

The Bear.

The Bears in North America are somewhat smaller than those of Europe, otherwise there appears no Difference between them. They never attack Man, except oppressed by Hunger in excessive cold Seasons, or wounded by him. Vegetables are their natural Food, such as Fruit, Roots, &c. on which they subsist wholly 'till Cold deprives them of them. It is then only they are compell'd by Necessity, and for want of such Food, to prey on Hogs and other Animals. So that Bears seem with no more Reason to be ranked with rapacious carnivorous Beasts than Jays and Magpies do among Birds of Prey, which in frigid Seasons, being deprived of their natural vegetable Food, Hunger compells to set upon and kill smaller Birds. I have seen a Chaffinch forced by the like Necessity, to feed on putrid Carrion: Bears as well as all other wild Beasts, fly the Company of Man, their greatest Enemy, and as the Inhabitants advance in their Settlements, Bears, Etc. retreat further into the Woods, yet the remoter Plantations suffer not a little by their Depredations, they destroying ten Times more than they eat of

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