The Horse.

The Horses of Carolina are of the Spanish Breed, occasioned by some Hundreds of them being drove as Plunder from the Spanish Settlements about the Year ---. They are small, yet hardy, and will endure long Journeys, and are not subject to so many Maladies as are incident to Horses in England. As Stallions have been introduced from England, the Breed must necessarily be improved, Carolina being in a Climate that breeds the finest Horses in the World.

The Cow.

Cows and Oxen in Carolina are of a middling Size, Cows yield about half the Quantity of Milk as those of England; in the upper Parts of the Country the Milk is well tasted, but where Cows feed in salt Marshes, the Milk and Butter receives an ill Flavour. Cattle breed so fast, and are so numerous in Carolina, that many run wild, and without having the Owners Mark, are any ones Property.

The Sheep.

The Sheep of Carolina being of English Breed, have the like Appearance, and are of a midling Size; their Flesh is tolerably well tasted, and will probably be much better, when they are fed in the Hilly Parts of the Country. The Wool is fine, and tho' they are not so much cloathed with it as Sheep in the northern Parts, yet they have much more than those which inhabit more South. An Instance of which I observed in Sheep carried from Virginia to Jamaica, which as they approached the South, gradually dropt their Fleeces, which by the Time they arrived at the Island, was all fallen off, and was succeeded by Hair, like that of Goats. This besides infinite other Instances, shews the wise Deigns of Providence in bestowing on these Creatures extraordinary Cloathing so necessary to human Life in cold Countries, and easing them of that Load which otherwise might be insupportable to them in sultry Countries, and of little Use to Man.

The Hog.

The Hogs of Carolina and Virginia are of a small Breed, and a rusty redish Colour; their being liable to the Attacks of rapacious Beasts, seem'd to have embolden'd, and infused into them a Fierceness much more than in our English Swine; and when attacked, will with their united Force, make a bold Stand, and bloody Resistence. The great Plenty of Mast, and Fruit, so adapts these Countries to them, that they breed innumerably, and run wild in many Parts of the Country. Their Flesh excells any of the Kind in Europe, which Peaches and other Delicates they feed on contribute to. But to such Hogs, they deign to make Bacon of, they give Indian Corn to harden the Fat.

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