Some of the most wonderful Productions of AMERICA have now the Honour to lay themselves at the Feet of your ROYAL HIGHNESS: Things new and strange to the Inhabitants of this Side of the Globe; and which must therefore necessarily excite, in Minds of infinitely less Discernment and Piety than that of your ROYAL HIGHNESS, exalted and religious Sentiments of the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of that Almighty Being, who not only formed the Universe, but has adorned every Part of it with an inconceivable Variety of Beauty and Magnificience.

It was in Obedience to the Commands of our late most gracious QUEEN, who condescended to over-look and approve my Drawings of the most extraordinary Curiosities of Nature observable in Carolina, and the adjacent Countries subject to the Crown of Great Britain, that I applied myself to compile a Natural History of those Parts of the World; and her Majesty was pleased to take the first Volume of this work under her own Royal Patronage..

Such an Instance of Goodness emboldened me to hope your ROYAL HIGHNESS would vouchsafe the like Honour to this second and last Volume; and I have been so happy not only to obtain Pardon for my Presumption, but like wise to find the utmost of my Ambition gratified in the Leave you have been pleased to grant me, of Publishing my Labours under the Protection of your Illustrious Name.

Happy it is for Knowledge , when Princes love it, and become its Patrons! That you MADAM, may long live to be so, adorning your high Station with every Princely Virtue, and enjoying, together with your Royal CONSORT, Wealth, Honour, Power, Fame, and the Affection of grateful Nations, and every Worldly Blessing; and that the like Happiness may attend your lovely Offspring, and be to endless Ages, perpetuated to their Posterity, is the fervent Prayer of

Most Dutiful,
Most Humble,

And Most Devoted Servant,


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