Alauda Magna: The Large Lark.

This Bird weighs three ounces and a quarter. The Bill is straight, sharp, and somewhat flat towards the End. Between the Eye and the Notril is a yellow Spot. The Crown of the Head is brown, with a dusky white lift running from the Bill along the middle of it. A black lift, of about an inch long, extends downwards from the Eye. The sides of the Head are light gray. The Wings and upper part of the Body are of a Partridge-coulour. The Breast has a large black Mark, in form of a horse-shoe; except which, the Throat and all the under part of the Body is yellow. It has a jetting Motion with its Tail, sitting on the tops of small Trees and Bushes in the manner of our Bunting; and, in the Spring, sings musically, though not many Notes. They feed mostly on the Ground on the seed of Grasses: Their flesh is good Meat. They inhabit Carolina, Virginia and most of the Northern Continent of America.

Ornithogalum luteum parvum foliis gramineis glabris: The Little Yellow Star-Flower.

This Plant grows usually not above five inches in height, producing many grassy leaves, from which rises a slender stalk bearing a yellow Star-like pentapetalous Flower. It has five Stamina, every leaf of the flower having one growing opposite to it. The Flower is succeeded by a small long capsula, containing many little black Seeds: This plant grows plentifully in most of the open Pasture lands in Carolina and Virginia, where these Larks most frequent and feed on the Seed of it.

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