Fringilla Bahamensis: The Bahama Finch.

It weighs fourteen Penny Weight. The Head is black; except a white Line which runs from the Bill over the Eve, and another under the Eye. The Throat is black, except a yellow Spot, close under the Bill. The Breast is Orange-colour'd ; the Belly white; the Upper-part of the Neck and the Rump, of a dusky red; the Back black; the Wings and Tail brown, with a mixture of white; the Legs and Feet, Lead-Colour. These Birds are frequent on many of the Bahama Islands.

Arbor Guajaci latiore folio, Bignoniae flore caeruleo, fructu duro in duas partes desiliente, seminibus alatis imbricatim positis: The broad leaf'd Guaicum, with blue Flowers.

This is a Tree of a Middle-size. The leaves are winged, with many small pointed alternate Lobes. In May there proceeds from the ends of its Branches several spreading Foot-stalks bearing blue Flowers, in Form not unlike those of the Fox-glove, which are succeeded by large flat roundish Seed-Vessels, or Pods, commonly two Inches over, containing many, small flat winged Seeds. This Tree grows on several of the Bahama Islands, particularly near the Town of Nasaw, on the Island of Providence.

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