Anser Canadensis: The Canada Goose.

This Bird is described by Mr. Willoughby p. 361. By comparing it with his Description, and finding them agree, I conceive it sufficient to recite his Account of it as follows:

Its Length, from the point of the Bill to the end of the Tail, or of the Feet, is forty two inches. The Bill it self from the Angles of the Mouth is extended two inches, and is black of colour: the Nostrils are large. In shape of Body it is like to a tame Goose, save that it seems to be a little longer. The Rump is black; but the Feathers next above the Tail, white: the Back of a dark gray, like the common Goose's; the lower part of the Neck is white, else the Neck black. It hath a kind of white Stay or Muffler under the Chin, continued on each side below the Eyes to the Back of the Head. The belly is white: the Tail black, as are also the greater Quill-feathers of the Wings. The Eyes are Hazel-colour'd; the Edges of the Eyelids white; the Feet black, having the Hind-toe.

The white Stay or Muffler before mentioned is sufficient to distinguish it from all other of the Goose kind.

In Winter they come from the Northern parts of America to Carolina, &c.

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