Anas Cristatus.

This Bird is somewhat less than a common tame Duck; the Eyes yellow: the Bill is black and narrow; the upper Mandible hooked at the end, and both Mandibles serrated. This texture of the Bill shews it to be of the kind of MERGI. Vid. Willoughby p. 335. Tab. 64. The Head is crowned with a very large circular Crest, or Tuft of Feather; the middle of which, on each side, is white, and bordered round with black, which black extends to and covers the Throat and Neck. The Breast and Belly is white; the Quill-feathers of the Wings are brown; just above which are some smaller Feathers, whose exterior Vanes are edged with white, with a little white intermix'd in them, as in some of the other Feathers likewise. The Tail is brown, as is also the hindmost part of the Belly near the Vent, and under the rest of their Wings and Body is dusky black. The Females are all over of a brown colour, having a smaller Tuft of Feathers of the same colour. They frequent fresh waters, more especially Mill-ponds in Virginia and Carolina.

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