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Flesh of Sharks and Porpuses would digest well with the sailors, when long fed on Salt Meats. The Pursuit of Dolphins after Flying-Fish, was another Amusement we were often diverted with; the Dolphins having raised the Flying-Fish, by the swiftness of their Swimming, keep Pace with them, and pursue them so close that the Flying-Fish at length tired, and their Wings dry'd, and thereby necessitated to drop in the Water, often fall into the Jaws of their Pursuers; at some Times neither Element aford them Safety, for no sooner do they escape their Enemies in the Water, but they are caught in the Air by voracious Birds. But what seem'd most remarkable of this Kind, was, that in the Latitude of 26 Degrees North, about the Midway between the two Continents of Africa and America, which I think cannot be less than 600 Leagues, an Owl appear'd hovering over our Ship; these Birds have short Wings, and have been observed not to be capable of long Flights, it being a common Diversion for Boys to run them down after the second or third Flight This Owl after some Attempts to rest, disappear'd; and the same Day being the 22d. of March, an Hawk with a white Head, Breast, and Belly, appear'd in like Manner, and the Day after, some Swallows appear'd, but none ventur'd to alight on any Part of the Ship. No Birds seem more able to continue long on their Wings, than Hawks and Swallows ; but that an Owl should be able to hold out so long a Flight, is to me most surprising. Upon

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