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mals and Plants in their proper Colours, than from the most exact Description without them: Wherefore l have been less prolix in the Discription, judging it unnecessary to tire the Reader with Describing every Feather, yet I hope sufficient to distinguish them without Confusion.

As to the Plants I have given them the English and Indian Names they are known by in these Countries: And for the Latin Names I was beholden to the above-mention'd Learned and accurate Botanist Dr. Sherard.

Very few of the Birds having Names assign'd them in the Country, except some which had Indian Names; I have call'd them after European Birds of the same Genus, with an additional Epithet to distinguish them. As the Males of the Feather'd Kind (except a very few) are more elegantly colour'd than the Females, I have throughout exhibited the Cocks only, except two or three; and have added a short Description of the Hens, which they differ in colour from the Cocks, the want of which Method has caused great Confusion in works of this Nature.

Of the Paints, particularly Greens, used it the Illumination of Figures, I had principally a regard to those most resembling Nature, that were durable and would retain their Lustre, rejecting others very specious and shining, but of an unnatural Colour and fading Quality: Yet give me leave to observe there is no Degree of Green but what some Plants are possess'd of at different Timesof the Year, and the same Plant changes it's Colour gradually with its Age, for in the Sping the Woods and all Plants in General are more Yellow and bright, and as the Summer advances the Greens grow deeper, and the nearer their Fall are yet of a more dark and dirty Colour. What I infer from thisis that by comparing a Painting with a living Plant, the difference of Colour, if any may proceed from the above-mention'd Cause.

As to the French Translation I am oblig'd to a very ingenious Gentleman, a Doctor of Physick, and a French-man born, whose Modesty will not permit me to mention his Name.

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