Classified Chautauqua Program.
39th Annual Assembly, June 27-August 25, 1912

No announcement is here made except of engagements actually completed. There are sometimes unavoidable changes and important late engagements. Final information will appear in the Chautauquan Daily. Copies of official Program Quarterly or separate Summer Schools Catalog mailed on application to Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, New York.

Sermons, Devotional Hours, and Religious Lectures

Sermons:June 30, Prof. Francis G. Peabody, July 7, Bishop Wm. F. McDowell, July 14, Canon H. J. Cody, July 21, To be announced, July 28, Dr. Shailer Matthews, August 4, Dr. John A Rice, August 11, Bishop John H. Vincent, August 18, Prof G. A. Johnston-Ross, August 25, Dr. James A. Francis.

Devotional Hours:June 27, 28, August 12, 13, Bishop John H Vincent. July 1, 2, Prof. Francis G. Peabody. July 3, 4, President Wm. G. Frost. July 5, to be announced. July 8-12, Bishop Wm. F. McDowell. July 15-19, Canon H. J. Cody. July 22-26, July 29, August 2, The Conversations of Jesus, Dr, John A. Rice. August 15-16. Dr. Allan Heber, August 19-20, The Spiritual Life of the Minister, Prof. G. A. Johnston-Ross.

Religious Lectures: June 29-July 2, The Christian Life in the Modern World. 1. The Practicability of the Christian life; 2. The Christian Life and the Modern Family; 3. The Christian Life and Modern Business; Prof. Francis G. Peabody. July 1-5, Ideals of Life. 1. The Greek Conception of the Best Life; 2. Roman Ideals of Conduct; 3. The City of God in the Middle Ages; 4. The Conflict of Ideals in Modern Times and the Ideals of Progress; Prof: F. J. E. Woodbridge. August 1, Some By-Products of Missions Illustrated; Dr. Isaac T. Headland. August 18-25 Institute for Ministers and Religious Workers. The Awakened Church, including morning Bible Study; Prof. G. A� Johnston-Ross. Seven Days of Church Life; Bishop John H. Vincent. The Church and Social Service Series; Dr. Shailer Matthews. Evangelism Series and Lakeside Services; Dr. James A. Francis. Conferences on Church Efficiency, Missions, and Other Religious Work. August 22, 23, Addresses by Mr. J Campbell White, Secretary of the Laymen's Missionary Movement. August 24, Address, Dr. Jesse H.Holmes.

Literary and Musical

Literary: From July 8-13. What Literature Can Do For Me. 1. It Can Free You from the Burden of the Inexpressible; 2. It Can Keep before You the Vision of the Ideal; 3. It Can Give You a Broader and Deeper Knowledge of Human Nature; 4. It Can Increase Your Power to Think; 5. It Can Vitalize History for You, Prof. C. Alphonso Smith. July 12, Mornings with Masters of Art, Dr. H. H. Powers. July 15-19, Lecture-Recitals. 1. Religious Drama or Mystery. Miracle and Morality Play within the Church; 2. Corpus Christi Pageant and Play-Religious Drama outside the Church; 3. Decline of Religious Drama and Birth of the New Drama; 4. Farce and Folk Play; 5. Folk Lore of the British Isles, Miss Vida Sulton. July 19, American Literature in Foreign Lands, Prof. C. Alphonso Smith. July 22-26, Lecture-Recitals. 1. Literature and the Community; 2. The Spirit of Literature; 3. Beauty of Poetry; 4. The Interpretation of the Printed Page; 5. Illustrative Readings in Poetry, Prof. S. H. Clark. July 26. Paris of Today, Mrs. J. Mavenel Smith. August 5-10, The Masters of the Hour. 1. Anatole France, Master of Disillusion; 2. Maurice Barres, Apostle of Patriotism; .3. Pierre Loti, Pore of the Intangible; 4. Paul Bourget, Psychological Moralist; 5. Emile Faguet, Master of Analysis; 6. Melchoir de Vogue, Idealism, M. Benedict Papot. August 12-17, Contemporary English Novelists. 1. Anglo-Indian Rornance-Rudyard Kipling; 2. Comedy and Tragedy of the Ghetto-Israel Zangwill; 3. A Great London Realist-George Gissing; 4. The Romance of Cornwall-Quiller Couch; 5, The Romance of Dartmoor-Eden Philpotts. Leon H. Vincent. August 15, 16, The Poetry of Everyday Life; The Art of being Interesting, Rev. John Calvin Goddard.

Musical: July 1-5, The Pianoforte and Its Music. 1. History of the Instrument. Early French and Italian Works; 2. German Classic Writers: Bach. Handel, contrapuntal school; Haydn, Mozart, homophonic school; 3. Piano Works of Beethoven and Schubert; 4. Piano Works of Mendelssohn, Schumann and Chopin; 5. Piano Works of Brahms, Liszt, Grieg and later writers, Mr: Joseph Henius. July 29-August 2. How to Listen to Music, Mr. Henry Bethuel Vincent. August 12-17, 1. Natoma; 2. Hiawatha's Wooing. Robert of Sicily; 3. Children of the King; 4. Enoch Arden; 5. Girl of the Golden West; 6- The Lowland. Mr. Edward Hitchcock and Mr. Miner Gallup.

Sociological, Historical, and Pedagogical

Sociological and Historical: July 1-5, Ideals of Life, 1. The Greek Conception of the Best Life; 2. Roman Ideals of Conduct; 3. The City of God in the Middle Ages; 4. The Conflict of Ideals in Modem Times; 5. The Ideals of Progress. Prof. F. J. E, Woodbridge. July 4, The Old World and the New Director Arthur E. Bestor. July 5, An European Outlook, Mr. Frank Chapin Bray, July 6, The Case Against War. President David Starr Jordon. July 8-12, Woman Suffrage. 1. Evolution of the Woman Suffrage Movement 2. Character and Strength of the Opposition; 3. Legal and Political Status of Women; 4. Woman Suffrage in Practice; 5. The Promise of the Future, Mrs. Ida Husted Harper. July 15-19, International Problems of Europe, Dr H. H. Powers. July 20, The National Memory. President George E. Vincent. July 22-26, Child Welfare. 1. The Right to be Well Born; 2.How to Secure Good Physical Conditions for Children; 3 Intellectual Equipment for Childhood; 4. Moral Health and Growth; 5. Organization and Direction of Child Welfare Work, Dr. Earl Barnes. July 25, The Child Labor Campaign, Mr. Owen Lovejoy. July 29, Business and Municipal Efficiency, Mr. John MacVicar; Politics and Business, Hon. Wm. A. Prendergast. July 30, The Necessity of Improving Tax Assessment Methods, Hon. Lawson Purdy; The Regulation of Business through Trade Commissions, Mr. C. C. Batchelder. August 1, The Control of Corporations, Hon. Herbert Knox Smith, Mrs. Glendower Evans. August 2, The Sherman Law from the Standpoint of Business. Mr. G. W. Simmons. From the Standpoint of Economics. Prof. Jeremiah W. Jenks: The Oldest Monarch in Europe, Mr. Arthur E. Bestor. August 5-10, Philosophy of Plato, 1. Life of Plato; 2. Plato's Interpretation of Socrates; 3. Plato's Masterpiece-The Republic; 4. Thge Individual and the State In the Republic; 5. Plato's Theory of Knowledge, The Philosopher; 6. Plato's Later Philosophy-The Laws, Mr. Edward Howard Griggs. August 8, 9, Italy Today. Burning Issues of Future Italy, Duke Litta, August 17, The Problem of the Rural Community, Hon. Henry Wallace. August 19-23, Social Service Series, Dr Shailer Matthews.

Pedagogical: June 28, Educational Pioneering in the Southern Mountains, President Wm. G. Frost. July 13, Practical Psychology and Suggestions toward Mental Efficiency, Mrs Clara Z. Moore. July 22-26, Child Welfare Series Dr. Earl, Barnes. August 3 Hon. P. P Claxton. August 5. The Education of Lincoln. President George E. Vincent. August 9, Educational Progress in Europe, Dr. Earl Barnes. August 12, 13, Biology and Boy Nature: The Problem of Vocational Culture, Prof. Allan Hoben.

Illustrated Lectures

June 28, Out-of-Door Life in America. July 2, 4, Life Among the Rubber Workers of the Amazon: In the Forest of the Amazon, Mr. Algot Lange. July 9, Navigating the Air, Mr. Augustus Post. July 11, A Dickens Evening. July 24,-Child Welfare. August 1. Some By-Products of Missions, Dr. Isaac T. Headland. August 3, Over The World's Oldest Highways, Mr. Wm. T. Ellis. August 14, A Trip to Europe. August 16, The Dawn of Plenty. August 22, 24, India, Spitzbergen and the Polar Sea, Dr. Sigel Roush.

Reading Hours, Recitals, and Dramatic Presentations

Reading Hours: June 27, 28. The Truth. Prunella. Miss Louise W. Hackney. July 8-12. 1. Irish Plays; 2 Candida; 3. Short Stories; 4. Mary Magdalene; 5. Selected Program, Miss Maud Miner. August 19-23, Stories in Prose and Verse: How the Vote was Won; Leah Kleshna; Story of Jeanne d'Arc; Scenes from Famous Plays, Miss Jeanette Kling.

Recitals: June 27, 29, Mother Strong Heart, Miss Margaret Stahl. July 3, Looking Human Nature in the Face, Mr. Ross Crane. July 8, 31, Vanity Fair; Julius Caesar. Prof. S. H Clark July 15-19, Lecture-Recitals. 1. Religious Drama or Mystery. Miracle and Morality Plays within the Church; 2 Corpus Christi Pageant and Play-Religious Drama outside the Church; 3. Decline of Religious Drama and Birth of the New Drama; 4. Farce and Folk Play; 5. Folk Lore of the British Isles, Miss Vida Sutton. July 16, 18, Kipling, Kipling; Longfellow, Mr. Henry J. Hatfield. July 22, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Mr. Montaville Flowers. August 7, Sunshine and Awkwardness, Mr. Strickland Gillilan. August 8, 10, Bunty Pulls the Strings; The Confessions of a Literary Pilgrim, Katharine Oliver. August 12-17, 1. Natoma; 2 Hiawatha's Wooing. Robert of Sicily; 3. Children of the King; 4. Enoch Arden 5. Girl of the Golden West; 6. The Lowland. Mr. Edward Hitchcock and Mr. Miner Gallup. August 21, The Rivals, Mr. Charles F. Underhill.

Dramatic Presentations: July 27, The Taming of the Shrew; July 26, 27, The Merchant of Venice, The Coburn Players.


Sacred Song Services: Every Sunday, 7:45 p.m., general congregational singing with special selections by the Chautauqua Choir, Orchestra. Soloists, and Organist.

Concerts: Occur regularly on Monday and Friday evenings at 8:00 and Wednesday afternoons at 2:30. Special Programs include the following: July 5, Patriotic Concert. July 12, Quartet Song Cycle, Old Irish Melodies, arranged by Arthur Whiting. July 15, Music School Faculty Concert. July 19, Spring and Summer from The Seasons by Haydn. July 20, Patriotic Concert. July 23, The Prodigal Son by Henry B. Vincent. July 24, Children's Concert. July 29,. The Sun Worshippers and The Swan and the Skylark by Goring Thomas. July 31, Chautauqua Band, Chautauqua Mandolin and Guitar Club. August 5, Lobgesang (Hymn of Praise) by Mendelssohn. August 7, Nonsense Songs by Liza Lehmann. August 9, The Sleeping Beauty by Frederick Cowen. August 12, Operatic Concert. August 14. Children's Concert. August 16, Old Time Songs. August 19, King Olaf-by Carl Busch. August 21, Ballad Concert. August 23, Farewell Symphony, Haydn.

Organ Recitals: July 23, 25, 30, August 1, Mr. Clarence Eddy. Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the season, Mr. Henry B. Vincent.

Lecturers and Preachers
Mr. Earl Barnes. July 22- 26. Aug. 14.
Mr. C.C. Batchelder. July 30.
Mr Arthur E. Bestor. July 4, Aug. 2.
Mr. Frank Chapin Bray. July 5.
Prof. S.H. Clark. July 22-26.
Hon. P. P. Claxton. Aug. 3.
Canon H.J. Cody. July 14-19.
Mr. William T. Ellis. Aug. 3.
Mrs. Glendower Evans. Aug 1.
Dr. James A. Francis. Aug. 19, 23, 25.
Pres. Wm. G. Frost. June 28. July 3-4.
Rev. John Calvin Goddard. Aug. 15-16.
Mr Edward Howard Griggs. Aug.5-10.
Mr. Henry J. Hadfield. July 16, 18.
Mrs. Ida Husted Harper. July 8-12.
Rev. I.T. Headland. Aug. 1.

The Chautauqua Experience