The Chautauqua Program: Images of Education

From The Chautauqua Movement, Joseph E. Gould

From Chautauqua, Jeffrey Simpson
This photo of Melvil Dewey's Library Science class shows a typical Chautauqua classroom. Note that in this and the other photos most of the participants are women, as a lot of women traveled to Chautauqua while their husbands stayed and worked in the city. Frank Beard, a popular Civil War artist, spent summers at Chautauqua giving sketch-classes. Classes were not only in science, literature and languages, but in art, music and dance as well.

From Chautauqua, Jeffrey Simpson
A Chemistry class at Chautauqua--the science department was the first secular education program at Chautauqua, and led the way for other additions to the Institution.

The Chautauqua Experience