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  Showboat          Imitation of Life

This version of Showboat was based on Oscar Hammerstein's 1936 version of the film. Following are clips from the film:


This is the cover of the VHS box for the film This is also an updated version of an old film. However the storyline was changed significantly. The passing story was placed in the center of the film and the rags-to-riches story revolves around an aspiring actress (played by Lana Turner) rather than a businesswoman. Like other passing films from the 40s and 50s, the lead passing character is played by a white woman.

Looking at the VHS box cover, it is clear that despite the time given the the passing story, the experiences of the white characters in the film are most important. In fact, is there to comfort them and stand as a shadow behind the white women.

Following are clips from the film:

The ending of this film is the same as the 1934 version. Sara Jane (Peola in the 1934 version) is humilated in front the her white family and the black community because she blames herself for her mother's death.