Triple-A Plowed Under was first produced by the Federal Theater Project on March 14, 1936. It was recorded as a vocal re-enactment on May 15th, 2004 for this web-project.

Technical Engineer: Andrew Stitt
Assistant Director: Clinton Johnston
Director: Andrew McCain


Voice of the Living Newspaper: Clinton Johnston

Scene 1: War and Inflation

First Speaker: Tim Granlund
Second Speaker: Andrew McCain
Woman: Meagan Hess

Scene 2a: Deflation

Exporter: Tim Granlund
Jobber: Clinton Johnston

Scene 2b:

City Banker: Pierce Coughter
Country Banker: Zach Jesse

Scene 2c:

Banker: Zach Jesse
Farmer: Michael Snook

Scene 3: Farmer, Dealer, Manufacturer, Worker --Vicious Circle

Farmer: Andrew McCain
Dealer: Pierce Coughter
Manufacturer: Zach Jesse
Worker: Tim Granlund

Scene 4: Farmers' Holiday

Milo Reno: Clinton Johnston
President of Commission Merchants: Zach Jesse

Scene 5: Milk Prices

Farmer: Tim Granlund
Middleman: Michael Snook

Scene 6: Sioux City--Farmers Organize

First Speaker: Zach Jesse
Second Speaker: Clinton Johnston
Third Speaker: Pierce Coughter
Chairman: Michael Snook
Fourth Speaker: Andrew McCain
Fifth Speaker: Tim Granlund

Scene 7: Milk Strike

First Man: Ray Malewitz
Second Man: Clinton Johnston
Third Man: Tim Granlund
Voice off Stage: Zach Jesse

Scene 8: Farm Auction

Auctioneer: Tim Granlund
First Neighbor: Andrew McCain
Owner (Fred): Ray Malewitz
Son (Wilson): Michael Snook
John: Clinton Johnston
Third Neighbor: Andrew McCain
Albert: Zach Jesse
Stranger: Pierce Coughter

Scene 9: Lem Harris, Sceretary of the Farmers National Relief Conference

Lem Harris: Andrew McCain

Scene 10:Farm and City Families

General Hugh S. Johnson: Zach Jesse

City Group--
Worker: Tim Granlund
Worker's Wife: Kristen Taylor
Worker's First Son: Pierce Coughter
Worker's Second Son: Ray Malewitz
Worker's Daughter: Meagan Hess

Farm Group--
Farmer: Andrew McCain
Farmer's wife: Emily Kane
Farmer's first son: Clinton Johnston
Farmer's second son: Michael Snook
Farmer's daughter: Maura Malloy

Scene 11: Triple-A Enacted

Secretary Wallace: Tim Granlund

Scene 12: Shirt Scene

Farm Bureau Representative: Maura Malloy
Farmer: Pierce Coughter
Shirt Salesman: Michael Snook

Scene 13: Wheat Pit

Traders Left: Pierce Coughter, Tim Granlund, Ray Malewitz
Traders Right: Zach Jesse, Clinton Johnston, Michael Snook

Scene 14:

Counterman: Clinton Johnston
Customer: Tim Granlund

Scene 15

Man: Ray Malewitz
Woman: Meagan Hess

Scene 16

Farmer: Zach Jesse
First Voice: Michael Snook

Second Voice: Clinton Johnston

Scene 17

Pastor: Andrew McCain

Scene 18

Voice: Ray Malewitz
Traders: Zach Jesse, Andrew McCain, Tim Granlund, Michael Snook, Pierce Coughter, Clinton Johnston

Scene 19

Sam: Clinton Johnston
The Sheriff: Zach Jesse

Scene 20

Farmer: Tim Granlund
First Cropper: Clinton Johnston
Second Cropper: Andrew McCain

Scene 21

Man: Michael Snook
Woman: Maura Malloy
Group of Women: Kristen, Emily, Maura, Meagan, Roni McCain
Leader of Women: Meagan Hess

Scene 22

Police Lieutenant: Ray Malewitz
Dorothy Sherwood: Maura Malloy
Voice: Tim Granlund

Scene 23

Voice: Clinton Johnston
Justice Roberts: Tim Granlund
Justice Stone: Zach Jesse
Senator Hastings: Clinton Johnston
Alfred E. Smith: Pierce Coughter
Earl Browder: Michael Snook
Thomas Jefferson: Andrew McCain

First Man: Michael Snook
Second man: Zach Jesse
Third Man: Ray Malewitz
A Woman: Maura Malloy
Fourth Man: Andrew McCain
Fifth Man: Tim Granlund

Scene 24

Secretary Wallace: Tim Granlund

Scene 25

Chester A. Davis: Pierce Coughter
First Reporter: Michael Snook
Second Reporter: Tim Granlund

Scene 26

Voice: Clinton Johnston
South Dakota : Zach Jesse
Minnesota : Ray Malewitz
North Dakota : Andrew McCain
Wisconsin : Clinton Johnston
Nebraska : Pierce Coughter
Iowa : Mike Kelly
Kansas : Michael Snook
Idaho : Tim Granlund
Indiana : Andrew McCain
Secretary Wallace: Tim Granlund
Man from scene 15: Ray Malewitz
Woman Strike Leader from scene 20: Meagan Hess
Farmer from scene 3: Andrew McCain
Dealer: Pierce Coughter
Manufacturer: Ray Malewitz
Worker: Tim Granlund