Astor, Lady Nancy
Astor, John Jacob
Astor, William Waldorf
Benham, James
Boas, Franz
Chapman, Carlton
Clinton & Russell, Architects
Dodge, William de Leftwich
Emens & Unitt
Muschenheim, Fred
Muschenheim, William
Newcomb, John Lloyd
Pepper, George
Rahn, A. Douglas
Wanamaker, John




  From the Roof Top Cafe waiters to the machinists in the subterranean power plant, thousands of people helped build the Hotel Astor and helped keep it running. A similar army of masons, woodworkers, chefs, waiters, busboys and janitors made the Hall of the American Indian succeed, but there are a few individuals who stand out in the history of the Hall and in its transference to the University of Virginia.

An introduction to the Astor Collection An overview of the Collection with links to virtual displays of the artifacts and photographs A history of the Hotel Astor with links to postcards, brochueres and other Hotel paraphenalia A look at the people associated with the Hotel Astor and the Collection New York City and the Hotel's place in it Exploration of the Anthropological and Ethnograpic theories which influenced the gathering and display of the Collection, with links to websites of represented tribes Research done by University of Virginia students on various aspects of the Collection