"Beaded Cape" by Courtney Wilson


"In the Arms of a Doll: American Indian Culture, Dolls, and the Astor Collection" by Margaret Sumner


"Our Nancy: The Story of Nancy Astor and Her Gift to the University of Virginia" by Courtney Wilson



  Since 1995 students at the University of Virginia have been studying items in the Astor Collection and the history surrounding the collection itself. To help expand an understanding of the Astor Collection and the types of artifacts it contains beyond the reach of this contained site, hyperlinks to selections from research papers written over the years have been provided on this page.


An introduction to the Astor Collection An overview of the Collection with links to virtual displays of the artifacts and photographs A history of the Hotel Astor with links to postcards, brochueres and other Hotel paraphenalia A look at the people associated with the Hotel Astor and the Collection New York City and the Hotel's place in it Exploration of the Anthropological and Ethnograpic theories which influenced the gathering and display of the Collection, with links to websites of represented tribes Research done by University of Virginia students on various aspects of the Collection