The March Toward War: The March of Time as Document and Propaganda
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The March of Time film catalogue from the 1930s has been broadly published and is available via VHS tapes on E-Bay or This site does not include films related to the lead-up to World War II past 1939 because they are not commercially available, to my knowledge (although some films are available that are not related).


Unlike the films, copies of the radio show broadcasts are hard to come by. University of Virginia American Studies professor Alan Howard acquired most tapes that are available, hence the collection I include here. The Radio GOLDINdex has the most complete index of what is available—only 43 episodes during the 1930s, for example, at a time when the show was produced at least once a week and for some periods five times a week.


In most cases, you can click on an image to view a larger version of it, including the photos at the top of each page.