The University History Project is run in tandem with Professor Phyllis Leffler's course HIUS 330 on the History of the University of Virginia. Two major projects include The View From Here, a local history project, and a survey of female graduates of the University. Women graduates of the University: Please participate in our University History Project by completing this survey.

The Spring 2003 course, "The History of Virginia in the 20th Century," developed originally as part of the commemoration of the Rotunda Fire of 1895. It explores the history of the University in the post-fire years. Students will read the current literature about the university, and will become active participants in the process of recovering the institution's twentieth-century history. The course requires students to read both primary documents and secondary materials, to analyze surveys prepared by alumni, and to engage in a class project based on the oral history collection housed in Special Collections in the University Archives. A major goal of the course will be to distinguish between University mythologies and realities.

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Last updated: June 21, 2005