Gladys Reichard in Navaho Religion provides an excellent concordance of diyinii, including the Navajo name, a description of the deity and his or her powers, and a classification as to his or her attitude towards Earth-Surface people: whther undependable, a helper, etc. the following chart is loosely adapted from Reichard's, although I have chosen to limit specific detail because of the sensitive nature of the information:

Black God xa'ctce'cjini' persuadable "Navajo fire control of fire and fire making rather than fire itself." Appears black in sandpaintings.
Bluebird D-li' helper A symbol of peace and happiness; manifestation of Talking God; Feathers are used in many ceremonies
Changing Woman 'Asdz‡' n‡dle'he Persuadable Often called the only Holy Person who is 100 % good, Changing Woman is "the mystery of reproduction, of life springing from nothing, of the last hope of the world." Her gifts include rites and ceremonies, and she created the clans.
Coyote ma'i' Undependable The trickster and mischief maker, Coyote "is a symbol of force with slyness and knavery. He is a liar, spy, lascivious, and resists death. Although he inflicts harm on the world, some of his actions end in good.
Eagle 'ats‡ Persuadable, Helper Expert flier; Eagle feathers are vital in ceremonies, Eagle Chant.
Earth ni' Helper the "most important single factor" in the existence of the Earth People. Agriculture, subsistence, rules about disposal. Identified with Changing Woman, the Earth Mother.
First Man and First Woman 'Atse xasti'in and 'atse' 'esdz‡' Undependable The First Pair is extremely important in the Creation Story. While often they are identified with whitchcraft, First Man created the first hogan.