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Cultural Maps in American Studies 


Hans Holbein, the younger, Typus Cosmographia Universalis 1532

Cultural Maps is dedicated to the graphical presentation of non-graphical information -- whatever that turns out to mean. At present, it has something to do with maps in the ordinary and normal sense of the term; the immediate goal is to build a digital American Historical Atlas. To the extent that maps serve as guides not only to the physical terrain but also and importantly as charts of the mapmaker's mental and cultural terrain, of the memories and desires, anxieties and assumptions he projects upon any terra incognita, we have begun building an historical geography of America. Eventually, this space will come to include graphs, charts, and images, in fact anything that serves as a concrete and physical representation of abstract ideas and intangible feelings.

American Historical Atlas
Territorial Expansion of The United States 1775-1920
Provides an overview and thirteen territorial maps of the US
Excerpt from John Shelton Reed's, The South. Where is it? What is it? Text and graphical representations of the socioeconomic and cultural South

Historical Geography
Exploring the West from Monticello "A Perspective in Maps from Columbus to Lewis and Clark" from the University of Virginia's Alderman Library

Map Collections Online

Hargrett Library, University of Georgia.
A collection of more than 800 historic maps including:
Harvard University Map Collection
Houses over 6000 atlases, maps, charts, photography, and aerial imagery
Library of Congress: Expo: 1492, An Ongoing Voyage
An exhibit on the cultural forming of America
University of Minnesota: James Ford Bell Map Collection
World maps by mapmaker, region, and date
University of Texas Map Collection
A US map collection by type including:
Virginia Maps from The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at The University of Virginia.
City, county, district, and topographical maps of Virginia
Library of Congress Map Collection 1500-1999
A searchable collection of Americana and Cartographic Treasures of the LOC
Office of Coast Survey Historical Map and Chart Collection
Historical maps and charts sorted by region or type, including a civil war section
U.S. Geological Survey Maps of the United States
Offers examples of maps available through the USGS
Archiving Early America: Historical Maps
Various US maps including colonies, territories, and battles
The Department of History, United States Military Academy: Historical Atlas
Maps created by the USMA for teaching the History of Military Art
The Philadelphia Print Shop Ltd
Antique US, European, and World maps
The David Rumsey Collection
18th and 19th century North and South American cartographic materials, including atlases, globes, school geographies, maritime charts, and a variety of others.
Celestial Atlas
An Exhibition from the Collection of the Linda Hall Library
Dutch Cartographers
Historic Dutch maps with additional links

Other Maps

Virtual Jamestown
Archive of the legacy and settlement of the "Virginia Experiment"
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Topographical, black and white, satellite images, and county maps by state
Virginia Maps
Color Landform maps for the state of Virginia
Tiger Mapping Service from the U.S. Census Bureau
Tons of information from the Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system
National Atlas of the United States
Large collection of maps for education and awareness, includes map making section
National Geographic Map Machine
Historical maps, atlases, cultural themes and street directions
World-Wide Web Historical Maps United States
Comprehensive listing of US maps, resources, and bibliography

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