"Cheek to Cheek" by Fred Astaire (1935)

Another of the tunes written especially for Fred Astaire in a movie musical, Irving Berlin wrote "Cheek To Cheek" for "Top Hat" with Ginger Rogers. The song hung in for an impressive five weeks as the #1 song on Your Hit Parade (Shaw) and was the #1 hit of 1935 (Shapiro), also earning an Oscar nomination for Best Song. When the Depression wrecked the market for Broadway musicals, songwriters and lyricists such as Berlin flocked to work for the movies. Fred Astaire's clear vocals make the melody of "Cheek to Cheek" ring brightly. Astaire's films transported the public to a place where all the ladies and men were beautiful dancers, extravagantly choreographed dances were the rule, "and the cares that hung around me through the week / Seem to vanish when we're dancing cheek to cheek." Movies with large dance numbers and ensembles, particularly Astaire's, played a tremendous role in distracting the American public from the hard times of the Depression.