Jane and Rebecca Bond

Above is a picture of slave woman Jane Bond braiding the hair of her mistress Rebecca. Although most likely a posed for photograph, both women took pride in making dresses for one another and braiding one another's hair. Jane Bond was born a slave in Kentucky, 1828. She was originally the property of Edward Fletcher Arthur. He gave her to his daughter Belinda as a wedding present in 1848. The two women did not however get along very well and after the birth of the second son between Jane and Belinda's preacher husband Preston, Jane was sent back to her original owner. Jane was then given to Preston's sister Rebecca. The two formed a very close friendship and shared much of their lives, including quilting. The two quilts below are two of the remaining quilts from over twenty that they made together for their children. Although both are traditional European strict patterns, they are made with bright contrasting colors and even the strict patterns are deviated from as seen in four of the squares in the quilt on the right.
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