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Stone Mountain Project

Editorial by the Honorable John Temple Graves
In this stirring 1914 editorial, Graves, the editor of the New York American, galvanizes popular support for a Confederate monument at Stone Mountain. Printed in the Atlanta Georgian.
Johnson, Gerald W., The Undefeated
Account of Gutzon Borglum's dealings with the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, discussing the circumstances surrounding his dismissal as head sculptor.
Lee Reader
Representative clips from writings by and about General Lee that highlight his exemplary character and penultimate status in Southern mythology.
Davis Reader
Series of essays exploring the incredible range of feelings, hostile and flattering, about the Confederate President.
Carroll, Armond, Invocation on the Dedication of the Mountain, May 20th, 1916
Stirring poem celebrating the plans to memorialize Gen. Lee on Stone Mountain.
1969 Press Release
This early press release documents the transition towards commoditization. The documents celebrate the park's growing diversity but still give the carving central treatment.
1994 Press Release
Six different documents describing park events, attractions, and history - from the park's point of view.
1959 Master Plan
Comprehensive plans for park development, modenization, and diversification. Includes statements of purpose, sketches of proposed venues, and financial analysis.
Handbook of Information
This brief pamphlet describes in detail Gutzon Borglum's vision for the memorial--a larger than life and thoroughly hyperbolic model that included over 750 soldiers.
An American Monument to Surpass the Pyramids
When Augustus Lukeman took over the role of chief carver in 1925, he made some substantial additions to Borglum's plan. Even more ambitious than his predecessor, Lukeman proposed a giant reflecting pool, a Memorial Hall carved into the mountain, and more.
A Developmental Concept for Stone Mountain Park (1965)
Prepared by University of Georgia students, this document suggests a plan for park development that balances new attractions with the centrality of the carving.
"Shame and Disgrace": Editorial in the Atlanta Constitution
The editorial board wrote this scathing editorial on May 9, 1970, complaining about Spiro Agnew's role as keynote speaker at the dedication ceremony.

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