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An internet project by Matthew G. Muller, Corey W. McLellan, and Charles F. Irons for the American Studies Program at the University of Virginia, Spring 1996.
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The three of us undertook this project as part of the course requirements for our Spring 96 seminar on the American South, choosing Stone Mountain Park as our topic because of its role as an icon of Southern Culture. Our research, including archival work in Alderman Library's rare books collection, the collection of secondary sources, and a visit to the carving itself, showed us that Stone Mountain Park has changed as much as Southern Culture has changed over the last century. Our project attempts to recontextualize both the park and the carving within a larger framework of changes in Southern culture.

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The timeline is Shades of Gray's central organizational and analytical tool. Seven connected narratives, one for each stop on the timeline, describe the historical process of commercialization. Within these narratives, there are dozens of links to biographies of key players, to important documents, and to poignant images associated with the events of the specific period. On the timeline, the previous and next page functions move the viewer through in chronological sequence; use the browser's back function to return to this timeline sequence from the supporting links.

There are also a series of Janus links off of the timeline narratives. These links, symbolized by the two-headed Janus symbol, , connect to especially instructive comparisons between contrating documents or images.

For repeat visitors, complete listings of the key players, the documents, and the images are available independent of the timeline. These tables are constantly accessible by the links (both image and text links, so any browser should be able to navigate easily) on the bottom of every page and by the menu on the title page.
The previous and next page functions help facilitate movement through this section as well. On the key player and archive screens, the buttons scroll through all of the available resources, obviating the need to return to the contents page after viewing every item.

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