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Stone Mountain Project


Of Artists

Gutzon Borglum - chief sculptor, 1915-25
Gutzon Borglum
Gutzon Borglum and Edwin Porter - Borglum discusses project with member of the Memorial Association
Engineer Tucker - Borglum's chief engineer
Augustus Lukeman - chief sculptor, 1925-28
Walker Hancock - chief sculptor, 1963-72
Walker Hancock
Roy Faulkner - chief carver, 1963-72

Of Figures in Carving

Jefferson Davis - Confederate president and member of sculpture group
Jefferson Davis
T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson - Confederate general and member of sculture group
Robert E. Lee - Highest ranking Confederate general and central member of sculpture group
Robert E. Lee - The Southland's hero at 63, weeks before his death
The Last Meeting - Sketch of Lee and Jackson's last meeting - before the tragic mishap at Chancellorsville.

Of Private Figures

Mrs. C. Helen Plane - president, Atlanta branch UDC
Mrs. C. M. Goodlet - founder and first president of UDC
Samuel Hoyt Venable - Owner of Stone Mountain property in early stages of project and Klan supporter
Samuel Hoyt Venable
Nathan Bedford Forrest - Founder of Ku Klux Klan

The Mountain and the Carving

Side View of the Cliff
Borglum's Model - Detail of original model showing three generals and trailing infantrymen
Cliff Projection - Borglum's model projected onto the side of the mountain
Projector - Borglum with device used to thrust image onto the cliff
Artist at work - Borglum Drawing General Lee
Mountain - View of mountain between Borglum and Lukeman
Lukeman's Plan - Sketch of Lukeman's grandiose plans for the memorial
Trail - Walking trail up the side of the mountain
Carver at work - Carver using thermo-jet torch on mountain
Carving - Panoramic view of carving


Blue Star Highway - Marker for Park's memorial highway
Golf - Corey takes advantage of the park's fine recreational facilities
Plantation - Central home in the Antebellum Plantation
Slave Quarters - Slave quarters in the Antebellum Plantation
Doctor's Cabin - Example of lower-class white home in Antebellum Plantation
Cycling venue - Mountaintop view of Olympic venue
Cycling venue - A closer view of Olympic venue
Construction of tennis venue
Cyclers - The first cyclers race around the park's new velodrome
Women's memorial - Memorial to sacrifice of the women of the Confederacy
Memorial Hall - View of Memorial Hall from base of carving
Shrimp - Photo of rare Clam Shrimp
Map - 1996 Map of all of Park's attractions (Takes a while to load, but well worth the wait)

Corporate Involvement

Kodak - Kodak emblem on Antebellum Plantation sign
Motorola - One of many motorola vehicles
Coca-Cola - Extravagant Coke display in Park gift shop

Supplementary Images

Lee's Final Order - Original manuscript of Lee's farewell speech to the fabled Army of Northern Virginia
Plaque celebrating Confederate half-dollar
Coin Head - Head side of 1925 Confederate Half Dollar
Coin Tail - Tail side of 1925 Confederate Half Dollar
Statue - Statue design for memorial to Southern women depicting assertive womanhood
Statue - Statue design for memorial depicting docile women and reviled by UDC
Cover to 1994 Press Release - Picture of cover with utterly illegible quotation reading, "Preserving and Enhancing a Natural Legacy"
Welcome sign - Granite sign in shape of state of Georgia welcoming Park visitors
Ku Klux Klan - A KKK march

Researchers in Action

Looking for shrimp - Charles searches the depths of one of the mountain's many freshwater pools
Wide-Awake - Caught with his umpteenth cup of coffee
Hard at work - Pensive researchers reflect on the mountain's history
Lewis and Clark - Matt dreams of wider frontiers
The Gang's All Here - Cheeks puffed with sunflower seeds, the group poses in front of the carving

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