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The American Motorist was also a publication about the needs of drivers. Among its pages were articles and ads focused on the maintenance and augmentation of automobiles as well as leisurely activities involved in driving them. The article "Williamsburg-Our Royal City of Old Virginia" centers on the historical significance of Colonial Williamsburg and the imagination and religious experience involved in a visit. The article looks to bring people to Colonial Williamsburg to celebrate the historical tradition by explaining the Middle Plantation years, Nathaniel Bacon's exploits, the capture of pirates, and the construction of a beautiful Capital city during Colonial times (#8, 6). The picture is painted of Washington's days at Williamsburg and the luxuries, painted coaches, dinner balls, and refined society of the day. This imagery, along with the mention of Patrick Henry's 'treason speech' taking place at the Capitol, offers to the tourist a theme part where the imagination can come alive and the footsteps of founding fathers can be retraced (#8, 30-31). The writer, Fox, takes on the theme of civic religion when comparing "'the resurrection of the body [of Christ] and the life everlasting,'" to "the resurrection of a city, and of a backward turning of the pages of history that should bring Williamsburg of the royal governors into life as everlasting as that of our Republic." If the analogy of Colonial Williamsburg as a new savior wasn't enough to get tourists to town, possibly the description of the restoration as a "miracle" deserving of "fame never equaled in the new world, or indeed anywhere on earth" would suffice (#8, 44).
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