Better Homes and Gardens

This periodical was "built on a formula of service to the settled, middle-class American husband and wife whose big interest was their home and family" (#26, 382). The impact was on both sexes of average families who could benefit from small lessons on how to care for and improve their properties (#27, 191). Where as Colonial Williamsburg was not a how-to-lesson, it did provide the ultimate example of home improvement. The vastness of reconstruction must have served as an inspiration to the average family looking to add on a garage, plan out a ceremonial garden or redecorate a room. In an insert entitled "Tour Old Virginia with Carveth Wells," Colonial Williamsburg is referred to as "marvelously restored to its former glory." Having a cover photo of the North Palace Gardens, the imagination of the reader is tweaked by a narrative of Palace Gardens, bewigged ladies, and stocking-clad gents laughing and flirting (#11, 4). Juices of imagination in full gear and knowing the restoration complete, readers might be more inclined to take a family vacation to enjoy the beautiful gardens they have seen only in photos but read about vastly.
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