House Beautiful

This magazine, traditionally addressed to the well to do, was started on a "conviction that beauty in architecture and home decoration demanded simplicity" (#26, 382, 217). Another source sites House Beautiful as "devoted entirely to house planning, interior decorating, furnishings and landscape gardening" (#27, 87). Coincidentally, these topics were similar to the characteristics of Colonial Williamsburg, forming a logical bond between the readers of House Beautiful and an interest in visiting the revamped historical site. One way in which the writer attempts to coral visitors to Colonial Williamsburg is by appealing to a sense of popular movement. The opening sentence states that "so many people are traveling down to see the Williamsburg Restoration that a new hotel has been built." Moving on from an emphasis that 'everybody is going,' the article assures the upper class reader that "you feel as though you are entering a large country home [of] pleasant hospitality." Historical accuracy is stressed to the extent that "they have given the smallest desk blotter as much consideration as the largest wall treatment" (#16, 24). Most of all, to appeal to the interior design interests of the upper crust crowd, a detailed description of the furniture and decorations are included. The rugs, needlework, walls, Regency furniture, upholstering, and curtains are given full attention in this text. By focusing not so much on history or public support, but rather on the beautiful interiors which the wealthy could admire and emulate in their homes, House Beautiful zeroed in on what would appeal to their audience and possibly attract them to Colonial Williamsburg.

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