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The Yellow Pages -- Mid-Atlantic Studies 

The Valley of the Shadow
University of Virginia site about two towns during the Civil War.

This National Park Service site includes a map and a list of historic places in Baltimore.

Washington, DC
National Park Service "guide to the historic districts and neighborhoods of our nation's capital."

Civil War Traveler
A guide to war-related sites in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

Duke Ellington's Washington
PBS site about the African-American music scene in Washington, DC, before the Harlem Renaissance.

Andrew Carnegie
PBS site about the "richest man in the world."

John Brown's Holy War
This PBS site includes a teacher's guide and links to primary source material.

Dumbarton Oaks: A Landscape of Cultural and Social Distinction
This University of Virginia American Studies site discusses the landscape architecture of this Washington, DC, estate.

Cape May
Site about New Jersey's turn-of-the-century summer resort town.

Center for Pennsylvania Culture Studies
At Pennsylvania State University site.

Smithsonian Institution
Official site of the federal museum complex.

Historical Society of Washington, DC
Includes information on the museum, publications, and programs.

Historical Society of Delaware
Located in Wilmington, Delaware. Includes exhibit archive.

Treasures of Congress: An Exhibit in the National Archives Rotunda, Washington, DC
National Archives and Records Administration online exhibition celebrating the 200th anniversary of Congress's move to Washington, DC.

The Battle of Gettysburg
This National Park Service site includes links to an exhibit showcasing items used in Union and Confederate camps, a lesson plan on the soldiers at Gettysburg, and a database of Civil War soldiers.

Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, newspaper.

Washington Post
The newspaper of Washington, DC.

Magazine exploring life in the nation's capital.

Magazine about the steel town.

Magazine of the Smithsonian Institution.

The U.S. Capitol Project
This University of Virginia American Studies site explores the National Capitol as an American icon. Includes links to related projects.

The American Pyramid
This Discovery Channel site explores the building of the Washington Monument.

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June 20, 2002