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The Yellow Pages -- Science and Technology 

main directory:
Science as Culture
This site acts as a portal to publications concerning the relationship between science and culture.
Discovery Institute: Center for Science and Culture
Features links to studies of Social Darwinism, Intelligent design and other movements that have shaped and been shaped by views on science.
Science and Culture Links
A great compendium of links to interviews, biographies, geneaologies (there's an Ellis Island search engine).
Women in Technology International
Searchable site containing articles organized topically.

Women in Science and Engineering
Archive of articles in the Iowa State library.
Women in Transportation
U. S. Department of Transportation Archive.
Faces of Science:African-Americans in the Sciences
Charts, graphs, HTML references and links provided by Princeton.

The Association for Women in Computing
A national, non-profit organization dedicated to women's advancement in computing fields.

TAP: The ADA Project
A volunteer site at Yale which provides an impressive compendium of resources to be "tapped" related to women in computing.

Women and Computers
A hypertext introduction to gender and computer technology, including history, rationales, and politics.

Women and Computer Science
Provides information addressing on-line writings and other material about women and computer science.

History of Science in America
A link to bibliographies and bibliographies of bibliographies for help with research.

Technology History
A large collection of links to websites concerning the history of technology-- also links to obscure but valuable sub-sites on commercial sites.
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
This site gives access to information on the history of the Nobel Prize, its laureates and their research.
Nobel e-Museum
Web videos, interviews and explanations of nobel prize winning research makes this site informative and interactive.


Digital Moments
Photo journalist Doug Menuez arranges 36 photographs from his collection to form this impressive photo essay on the development of the computer.

ENIAC 50th Anniversary Celebration
The University of Pennsylvania celebrates the invention of ENIAC, the world's "first electronic, large scale, general-purpose computer," which was activated at the University in 1946. This site boasts articles addressing the ENIAC, an ENIAC virtual museum, and pertinent projects.

The History of Apple Computer
Follow Apple history from "In the Garage" (1976-1981) to "Amelio to the Rescue"(1996-?).

The History of Apple II Computer
History from 1991-98 with downloads, links and resources.

The Machine That Changed the World
Based on the video series produced by WGBH Television in Boston, this site is divided into 5 sections starting with "Great Brains." An interesting chronological exploration of the history of computers.

Obsolete Computer Museum
Exhibits include such oldies-but-goodies as Apple's LISA, Tandy's 16b, and much more.

The Virtual Museum of Computing
A tremendous amount of information is tucked into this site. Provides links to "local" virtual exhibits, pages on corporate history, the future of computing, and much more.

History of the Internet and WWW: The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History
Travel along the construction of the Information Highway and witness major milestones; relive the first five years of the World Wide Web. This webpage is at the crossroads of the past and future of the Internet.

Net History
This self-proclaimed "informal history of Bitnet and the Internet" is for the internet novice as well as the internet buff. Review amusing bits of Bitnet history in the"Archives," read interesting articles on the Internet in the "Voices" section, and peruse related sites in "Links."

A volunteer Neighborhood-Watch organization, the CyberAngels are committed to fighting Internet crime. Learn some Cyberstreetsmarts and how to keep yourself safe from Cyberstalking.

Hacker's Defense Fund
The Hacker's Defense Fund is "an organization of legal firms and lawyers committed to making sure hackers can live on the internet without the fear of unlawful persecution..."The Hacker Org. page provides an interesting look into the Hacker world, yet another face of the Internet.

The HTML Writer's Guild
The HTML Writer's Guild boasts 123,000 members in 150 nations and strives to provide support and education for web authors. The Guild's page details the specifics of the organization, in addition to providing HTML resources.

Internet Society Home Page
Learn about the Internet Society, Internet standards, Internet Conferences, and much more.

Web Overview Seminar
This is an excellent introduction to the Web for the novice. Learn why the Web is important, the relationship between the Web and the Internet, etc.

W3C-The World Wide Web Consortium
A jointly hosted consortium, W3C's goal is to "develop common standards for the evolution of the World Wide Web." Their site is divided into "User Interface," "Technology and Society," "Architecture," and "W3C Hosts," and provides comprehensive information on HTML, Web graphics, the legal nitty-gritty of the web, and lots more.

The Geography of Cyberspace Directory
Sections on cyberspace, internet information and spaces, with listings on references, conferences, and organizations.

An Atlas of Cyberspaces
Great graphics on website maps, surf maps, historical maps, and muds and virtual worlds.

Atlantis Cyberspace
A weird site with awesome graphics..

24 Hours in Cyberspace
Based on the book by the same title, organized by six categories of cyberspace.

Exhibits an Inventor of the Week (with interesting archives) and provides pages on Invention at MIT, Invention Extensions (a good list of invention-related links), and Invention Dimension Hotlists (with information on patent and copyright resources).
To Fly is Everything: A Virtual Museum of the Invention of the Airplane
This impressive site details the various myths and histories of the airplane's inventions, as well as providing a gallery of inventors who created and contributed to the airplane and an archive of airplane photos and movies.

Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone
Reconstructs Bell's path from the idea to the reality of the telephone. See Bell's drawings as he envisioned sound into visible form and sound into current.

Da Vinci's Inventor Homepage
This comprehensive list of Internet resources is an excellent starting place for anyone researching anything concerning inventors and inventions. Besides boasting tons of links, DaVinci's Inventor Homepage provides useful articles and information on entrepreneur associations.

Inventure Place: National Inventors Hall of Fame
Search for information on inventors featured in the National Inventors Hall of Fame and their inventions and explore the web version of this fun museum.

National Inventors Hall of Fame
Offers a list of inventors and inventions, as well as a timeline and searchable database of inventions.

The World of Benjamin Franklin
No list addressing innovators would be complete without a page on Benjamin Franklin. At Ben's site you can learn about Ben's life, download a Quicktime movie featuring Ben, take a peek at his family tree, and of course, learn all about his inventions.

Invention and Design
The goal of the Invention and Design project performed by the Division of Technology,Culture, and Communication at the University of Virginia is "to facilitate a better understanding of the processes involved in invention and design through extended case-studies." The page provides interesting invention modules (explore the "re-invention" of the telephone based on A.G. Bell's original patents) and resources addressing inventions and inventors.

General Transportation Histories:

A History of Mass Transit in Williamsport
Interesting information about development of transportation in Williamsport and the surrounding area.

Smithsonian: History of Transportation
Links to numerous Smithsonian Institution hosted transportation sites.


The History of the Automobile
A Smithsonian site with an extensive bibliography and a list of periodicals on the subject, with links to FAQs on transportation history in general.


Has several links to museums and historical information sites.
This Dayton, Ohio museum honors women who made aviation history.


Space Exploration

Space Vehicles | Mars | The Moon | The Space Station


Space Vehicles:

National Air and Space Museum
One of the Smithsonian museums; an excellent site.
A leading guide on defense, aerospace and transportation information. Although this site is primarily commercial, it does have outstanding data and illustrations.

NASA: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Homepage
News, aerospace technology, and links to other cool NASA sites.

The Space Shuttle
Everything you ever wanted to know.



This is a portal to various NASA sites concerning the exploration of Mars.

General information on the planet Mars.


The Moon:

The Moon
General information on the Moon.
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures
View phases of the mmon for any date and time from 1800-2199 A.D.!

The Space Station:

The International Space Station Overview
General Information on the International Space Station
Boeing Human Space Flight
This site is a more technical description of the space station--how it was built and its operations.

National Library of Medicine
The National Institute of Health's library; provides on-line access to selected historical documents and images.

ECHO Virtual Center
An index of on-line documents, organizations, and institutions in the history of science, technology and medicine. Arranged topically.

History of Acupuncture
Offers information about the history of acupuncture from ancient times to the present.

Herbal Remedies
Articles on a variety of herbal remedies, as well as an on-line searchable version of the 1931 text A Modern Herbal, by Mrs. M. Grieve, featuring over 800 different herbal remedies.

International Museum of Surgical Science
Over 7,000 objects, rare manuscripts, and works of art relating to the history of surgery, plus a bibliography and an interactive experience in "antique illness."

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
Samples of medical inventions from the collection, and information on how to get further access to the rest of the collection.

Print Technologies:

Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking
An internationally renowned resource on the history of paper and paper technology.

The American Printing History Association
Contains detailed information on printing history and its related arts and skills, as well as current and past issues of The Journal of American Printing History Association.

The Classic Typewriter Page
Everything you ever wanted to know about the typewriter, including a brief history of the machine.


Early Stages of Soviet and American Radio Broadcasting
Compares the development of radio in the two countries.

Museum of Television and Radio
A virtual tour, information on current exhibitions, and information on upcoming seminars.

John Pelham's Antique Radio Collection
Pictures and information on radios from the 1930s and '40s; interior/exterior parts and equipment.

United States Early Radio History
Links to articles and extracts on radio information.

Radio History Society
An attractively designed site featuring one on-line exhibit at a time; dedicated to a history of the people (inventors, broadcasters) and the early equipment of radio broadcasting.

Voices Out of the Fog
History of radio broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay area; includes articles and photos.

Radio Program Archive: 1920-1960
This Memphis University site offers a history of radio in addition to an extensive archive of American radio programs.

Broadcast Pioneer's Library
Biographical information on early broadcasters hosted by the University of Maryland Libraries.

Radio Days
Timelines, programs, and history for early radio broadcasting; includes audio files.


Telephone History Pages
Include gifs of several early telephone advertisements.

Alexander Graham Bell Notebooks Project
Images and transcriptions of Bell's notebooks, including diagrams and results of experiments.

National Museum of Science and Technology, Canada
A searchable collection of communications technology, including telephone, telegraph,radio, TV, phonograph, transistors, and vacuum tubes.

The National Museum of Photography, Film, and Television
A searchable site with information on the museum's collection of antique inventions, on-line exhibitions of selected pieces, and detailed information about the on-line exhibit items. Also includes bibliographies, a history of media, and information on conservation.

Ed Reitan's Color Television History
The website of the future book, plenty of resources and images are included.

American Film Institute
A beautifully designed searchable site with information on the Institute's exhibitions, preservation efforts, and research links.

Bill Douglas Center
Provides a history of cinema and popular culture; includes a collection of pre-cinematic optical devices like the Zoetrope, Kinegraph, Panorama, and Diorama.

100 People in Film
Nicely designed site includes biographies of 100 'most influential' people in film, including many of the film industry's early inventors and technicians.

Early Motion Pictures
The Library of Congress's collection of early motion pictures, including films of factories, San Francisco, the Pan-American Exposition, and New York. Also provides a bibliography and historical context.

Scientific American
On-line 19th century issues of Scientific American

CNN Science and Technology
On-line news service presenting information on contemporary advances in sci/tech fields.

A news service for science, technology, medicine, and engineering, produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Stanford, and Duke.

Science News
On-line news service provided by Microsoft and NBC.

ZD Net
Breaking news and hot tech products.

Cyberspace World Railroad
News on railroads and railroad related products.


A resource for geology facts, references, and career opportunities.
This site is an official United States Geological Survey site with links to information on geology and, academic programs, and fellowship opportunities.
This site is more for the general populace. Easy to use and informative.
As a portal to hundreds of geology sites, this site is issue-oriented with geological facts that affect the common person.


Marine Science

Though it offers the latest news on developments in marine science, this site is primarily geared towards people seeking a career in marine science and enrollment at the Virgina Institute of Marine Science.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Oceanography
This site is a portal to societies, conferences, electronic publications and newsgroups concerning the study of oceanography.

The Oceanography Society
A research oriented site but with a link to Oceanography magazine.
Glossary of Marine Biology
A huge compendium of terms and biological data.
This site describes itself as "an evolving online tribute to all Ocean life." It has links to descriptions of new species and developments in research.



A site for the non-physicist to learn how physics affects the world around us.
This site is primarily for scientists in the field of physics but includes interesting news for laymen.



A site devoted to the periodic table and explaining its organization
This official site of the American Chemical Society has links to resources and an animated periodic table.


Access this site for an online resource for learning about biology.
This site provides a biology dictionary, biology tutorials, and a portal to the study of Biology on the web.
This site posted by the Harvard department of Molecular and Cellular Biology has links to the study of various categories of biology.
Overview of the human genome project and how it affects other fields of science.

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